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Recovering from Homelessness After Drug Addiction

Homeless woman According to SAMHSA, substance abuse is more common among the homeless than the population in general [2]. Substance abuse can be a major contributor to homelessness due to difficulty or losing employment, struggling with paying bills, or having conflict with family. According to a study from Bellevue Hospital in New York, which looked at 20 [...]
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Health Care Costs Related to Drug Abuse

Man in the woods In 2005, 19.7 million Americans age 12 and over, reported they had abused drugs in the past month [4, 5]. Many who abuse drugs, typically choose prescription pain medications, and are opiate based (think OxyContin and Vicodin). This tends to be most easily obtained by both youth and adults. When looking at the total cost [...]
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Fighting Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses

College students Alcohol Abuse is a problematic behavior on college campuses, with 59.4% of college students report drinking in the past month and 39% report binge drinking [1]. College campus are increasingly working to combat alcohol among its students. College drinking it typically seen as a right of passage, and occurs at parties on and off campus, [...]
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Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism

Man addicted to alcohol Contributor: Marissa A. Angileri, MSW, CADC, Addiction Specialist, Timberline Knolls Residential Center Addiction and mental illness often times go hand in hand. Self-medicating with alcohol and/ or other drugs is a common way to cope with the uncomfortable emotions associated with mental illness. Bipolar is a chronic mental illness which affects a person’s mood and [...]
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Connections Between Drug Abuse and Aging

Woman on the beach Substance abuse among the elderly, is one of the fastest growing health problems in American [1]. Individuals aged 50-59, who reported abusing illicit or prescription drugs in the past year doubled from 2.7% in 2002 to 6.2% in 2009 [2]. Often transitions to new housing, death of a spouse, aging health concerns, and changes in [...]
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