Inspiring Addiction Recovery Books by Various Authors

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The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow, and Redemption

Author: Brian Cuban

The Addicted Lawyer is the first book tackling the issue of problematic alcohol and drug use in the legal profession and law school with both intimate stories of addiction recovery and redemption (the author’s included) combined with compelling and valuable advice. This is a must-read for lawyers, law students, and anyone else seeking to gain a better understanding of how addiction can take us to our lowest point and yet we can still rise to our greatest heights to redefine ourselves and our futures. Pre-Order Your Copy Here!

“If you want information beyond data and citations, communicated in a way that will resonate with you, look no further than The Addicted Lawyer. You will find stories at your level, as well as advice on what to do next.”—David Jaffe, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, American University Washington College of Law  

An Acre of Fools

An Acre of Fools Book CoverAuthor: Aden James

An Acre of Fools is a gut-wrenching fictional story, woven around true events, that showcases the devastating effects of drug addiction. After battling a long illness, Peter’s daughter, Austin, finds herself in a nightmarish addiction that thrusts her and her family into a world they never imagined. As she progressively buries herself deeper into the narcotics culture of shameless selfishness, Peter’s unwavering hope for her drives a wedge between him and the less forgiving family members. When Austin finally embraces her addiction, Peter is forced to choose between his faith and a family too broken to hope. Order Your Copy Here!

Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction book coverAuthors: Jeffrey Foote PH.D, Carrie Wilkens PH.D, and Nicole Kosanke PH.D with Stephanie Higgs

Delivered with warmth, optimism, and humor, Beyond Addiction defines a new, empowered role for family and a paradigm shift for the field. This new approach is not only less daunting for both the substance abuser and his family, but is more effective as well. Learn how to use the transformative power of relationships for positive change, guided by exercises and examples. Practice what research shows us really works for impacting others’ motivation, and discover different treatment options along with tips for navigating the system. And have hope: this guide is a life raft for parents, family, and friends. Order Your Copy Here!

21 Movements Towards Life

21 Movement Towards Life Book CoverAuthor: Paul Loosemore, MA, PLPC

Exquisitely written so that you experience walking with a knowledgeable and dependable companion, 21 Movements towards life brings freedom from sexual addiction into reality. Your personal guide not only simplifies your journey, it faithfully explains each step of the way. As you work together with the exercises and built-in resources you will experience change throughout your life. Designed from research and clinical observation, this guide bridges many of the chasms left by other resources. You will understand yourself, change relationships for the better, and build a thriving life. This guide can be used individually and within group settings. Order Your Copy Here!