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Understanding Chronic Pain and the Role of Opioids

Guy battling Chronic Pain Data encompassing the past two decades revealed an overall increase in Chronic Pain trends and opioid use among American adults. Freely prescribed and mindlessly consumed, the opioid consumption trends have taken an epidemic turn. Rising pain trends and opioid use Research shows that American adults, aged 18 years and older, were increasingly experiencing at least [...]
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Escalating Benzodiazepine Use: A Hidden Epidemic?

drug addict addicted to Benzodiazepine Use Benzodiazepines may seem a straightforward solution to your problems regarding anxiety or sleep disturbances. Yet, these prescription sedative drugs carry significant risks and a high probability of misuse. A recent study published in Psychiatric Services in Advance showed that more than one in eight American adults used benzodiazepines in the past year. This rate was [...]
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The Shifting Dynamic of Ecstasy-users

Couple sitting and discussing ecstasy users Earlier in 2019, news surfaced of a 16-year-old boy falling critically ill after he took what was believed to be high-purity ecstasy. The story started circulating on New Year’s Eve. This lead the local police department to issue strict notices against the consumption of ecstasy matching the description of pills seized from the scene. Besides [...]
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