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Man on mountain thinking about Substance AbuseAddiction Hope is dedicated to providing timely and helpful information on the dangers of Substance Abuse as well as alcohol abuse.

Drugs are a chemical substance that can be used in the prevention, cure and treatment of an ailment or disease. Often, medications can be used to help an individual’s emotional and psychological well being, and they can enhance one’s physical abilities or well being.

Medicines can help heal a person or destroy a life. They can be naturally derived from plants or synthesized in some type of laboratory. A drug addiction can ruin a man or woman’s existence. It is disappointing that many of the medications that were originally developed to help heal people will be abused and devastate the life of someone with a substance abuse addiction.

Substance abuse is when a person begins using a drug in a way other than its intended use as prescribed by a doctor. A drug addiction can be created when a man or woman continually abuses drugs in order to get high (an intense euphoric feeling). Some drugs are so addictive that someone using for the first time can become instantly addicted.

When someone has developed a drug addiction, they can build up a tolerance to the drug and need more and more of the substance to have the same effect. The person will sometimes begin smoking, snorting, or injecting the drugs so as to reach a quicker and more intense high. This leads to constant repeated use and, thus, the creation of a drug addiction.

Substance abuse addiction is outstandingly difficult to quit. Often one substance is abused with other drugs or alcohol. Sadly and frequently, substance abuse co-occurs with other mental disorders such as mood disorders, mental disorders and eating disorders.

This adds to the complexities of stopping the drug abuse. However, it is imperative that the drug addiction is ended because constant substance abuse can be deadly. Heart attacks and strokes often occur. Some of the more common drug types include opioids (heroin, morphine, hydrocodone), hallucinogens (LSD, DXM, PCP), stimulants (cocaine, Ecstasy, meth), and depressants (alcohol, Quaaludes).

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Depression, Substance Use Disorders & Thoughts of Suicide Are Accompanying The Coronavirus-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Spelled Out in Pills Due to COVID-19, Americans are calling helplines, complaining of being anxious and depressed, struggling to sleep. They have been gambling, drinking, and taking drugs more often. We have even changed our eating habits as well, with a new focus on what previously was called unhealthy eating. Comfort food eating, high sugar, and high-fat food consumption [...]
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Naltrexone and Injectable Naltrexone (Vivitrol) for Opioid Use Disorders (OUDs)

Man's face with beard The United States is a resurgent national opioid use and overdose epidemic. Physicians are encouraged to treat opioid-use disorders (OUDs), learn about addiction medicine, and help treat OUD patients with the three Food and Drug Administration approved medications (methadone, buprenorphine, and Naltrexone). There is little disagreement at this point that these medications are safe and [...]
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Triggers and Addiction

Nature Railroad Tracks into Stormy Clouds The word “trigger” is thrown around a lot these days to the point where we are becoming desensitized to its original intention and what it truly means. For those who struggle with addiction, a trigger can be a very dangerous thing. A trigger is an environmental, social, or personal cue related to feelings, memories, thoughts, and [...]
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How Families Can Help a Loved One Dealing with Substance Use Disorder

Aisian Family Laying on Ground in Circle Helpless. Frightened. Overwhelmed. If you have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder, these emotions are likely remarkably familiar to you. There are so many things that feel out of your control. However, one thing that you can control is how you support your loved one. Educate Yourself Key to supporting your loved one [...]
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Pain Management and Substance Use Disorder

Senior woman holding hands with young lady According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Chronic pain is pain that is ongoing and usually lasts longer than six months.” [1] Often caused by sickness or injury, chronic pain can exist for many months or even years. It has been linked to conditions such as headaches, cancer, back pain, and fibromyalgia, to name a few which [...]
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