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Sexual Addiction Recovery, Trustworthiness and Accountability

Trust in the sand One of the most vital and life giving threads of the human experience is deeply connected relationships. These relationships require trust to grow, and without these relationships we suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, fatigue, hopelessness and more. Disrupting our Connection You will know if you have ever spent a major holiday alone just how crucial [...]
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Re-engaging Your Emotions in Sexual Addiction Recovery

Man fishing So many of us are terrified by the very things that we desire. The young artist that wants to perform yet hides from the sea of faces. A budding athlete who can’t bare another 5am practice with bullish coaches. The executive who has nearly achieved his dream but can’t imagine owning the responsibility for a [...]
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What Effects Does Porn Have on My Brain?

Man watching porn I have heard a large number of people say something like, “It does matter if I look at porn, it is my choice and it doesn’t affect anyone”. This comment often reflects an addict’s inability to see outside of themselves, and even if you find yourself saying the same thing, I want to show you [...]
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