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Teenage Binge-Drinking and Long-Term Anxiety

Boy struggling with alcohol addiction Every “coming of age” movie ever has sent the clear message that adolescence is a challenging time. Unfortunately, these movies also often send the message that it is acceptable for teens to binge-drink to socialize and cope in these times but does binge-drinking and long-term anxiety feed on each other? While this is posed as “harmless” [...]
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Booze & Social Anxiety Disorder

Teen girls drinking alcohol We’ve all heard people on a night out casually comment that alcohol helps them in social situations, stating, “it makes me more outgoing,” or, “I feel less insecure after a few drinks.” Our society seems to view it as acceptable to mix booze and social anxiety in order to cope with extroverted tendencies and feelings of [...]
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Alcohol Consumption and Brain Health

Image of neuron and the effects of alcohol on the human brain New research reveals that the characterization of the patterns of energy consumption and neuronal activity in the human brain may help enhance our understanding of the effects of alcohol on the human brain. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) believe that this new approach could further be useful for studying other neuropsychiatric diseases. [...]
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