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Teenage Girl with an alcohol abuse problemAlcoholism can be defined as a physical dependence on liquor, or a condition in which the body becomes reliant on alcohol to perform physically. As a result of this alcohol abuse, liquor is consumed obsessively and in unlimited amounts.

Men and women who experience an addiction to alcohol cannot exercise power over the quantity drunk, regardless if their abuse of alcohol is harming their relationships, ability to work, or finances. Alcoholism is a crushing illness as it results in damaging mental, physical, and emotional consequences to the man or woman who may be suffering.

There are numerous interrelated factors that can lead to alcohol abuse or addiction. Examples of these events that can influence the development of alcoholism include biological, psychological, and social/environmental circumstances.

Biological influences that may attribute to alcohol addiction include a genetic element. Psychological factors related to alcoholism include but are not limited to cases of abuse, underlying traumas, feelings of depression, and anxiety. In situations of intolerable emotions, feelings, or pain, alcohol may be misused as a method of escaping these realities.

Social/environmental factors that can be a component in alcoholism include similar cases of abuse within family, availability and acceptability of alcohol within a community, and pressure from peer groups. Examples of social/environmental circumstances that may be related to alcohol dependence are circumstances such as poverty, homelessness, or inadequate housing.

Because of the connections alcoholism has with other addictive diseases, it can be co-occurring with substance abuse or eating disorders. The characteristics of addictive disorders are influenced by numerous factors, and, likely, the person fighting alcohol abuse may also grapple with other kinds of addictions.

Alcohol abuse can result in copious short and long term consequences for the sufferer. Men and women struggling with alcoholism can be affected physically, psychologically / mentally, and socially as a result of their alcohol abuse.

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The Truth About Underage Drinking

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