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Find addiction treatment conferences, presentations, university functions, gatherings and more on our constantly updated calendar of events for the year. Many nonprofit organizations and treatment centers host functions throughout the year that are designed to provide education and support for those living a life in recovery and free of addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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Addiction Hope’s Inaugural Online Conference
“Honoring National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week”

Addiction Hope Online Conference

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST
Additional Information: here! (Pub/Pro)

January, 2018

January 17: SAMHSA’s Webinar Series – Discovering Meaningful Aspirations and Taking Action with CT-R. Description: SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice initiative invites you to participate in the second of a four-part webinar series. Paul Grant and Ellen Inverso discuss eliciting an individual’s hopes and dreams for motivating and energizing recovery via CT-R. Register: here. (Pro)

January 24: Addiction Hope’s Inaugural Online Conference. Keynote Presentation: Mark S. Gold, MD. – “Drugs Change The Brain and Create Dual Disorders”. Additional Presentations: Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. – “Sexual Addiction Recovery”.  Steve Wright, LCPC, RDDP  – “Families and Addiction: Understanding the Development of the Addiction Family System and Supporting Recovery”.  Nikki DuBose – “Addiction in the Modeling Field”. Time: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST. Additional Information: here! (Pub/Pro)

January 22-28: National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week. Description: National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) is a week-long health observance in which communities around the country organize events and activities to help teens learn about the science behind the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction on their brain, body, and behavior. Additional Information: here. (Pub/Pro)

February, 2018

February 2-3: New York Society of Addiction Medicine (NYSAM) Annual Medical-Scientific Conference. Details: NYSAM’s 14th Annual Statewide Conference. Location:  Crowne Plaza Times Square New York, NY. Additional Information: here(Pro)

February 5: SAMHSA’s 14th Annual Prevention Day. Details: This exciting one-day event features dynamic speakers and informative training sessions for prevention practitioners, community leaders, researchers, and consumers in the behavioral health field to share SAMHSA’s prevention priorities for the coming year and provide participants with the necessary training, technical assistance, and resources to successfully address these prevention issues. Location: National Harbor, Maryland. Additional Information: here(Pro)

February 7: SAMHSA’s Webinar Series – Team-based CT-R for Building Empowerment and Resilience: SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice initiative invites you to participate in the third of a four-part webinar series. In part 3, Paul Grant and Ellen Inverso focus on the use of CT-R in multidisciplinary services, energizing both the person and the team members. Register: here. (Pro)

February 9-11: 2018 Healing Together Conference – Nikki DuBose Presentation & Book Signing. Details: Nikki DuBose will be presenting and participating in a book signing at the Healing Together Conference. Location: Orlando, FL. Additional Information: here(Pro)

February 12-15: 39th Annual Training Institute on Behavioral Health & Addictive Disorders. Details: This conference is designed to bring an integrated approach to understanding key issues in mental health and addictions – focusing on clinical and counseling strategies, addictive and compulsive behavior, the chemically dependent individual and the effects on those close to them. Location: Clearwater Beach, FL. Additional Information: here(Pro)

February 19-21: Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Review and Update 2018. Details: Attend this conference on substance use disorders to hear the latest research and find guidance that enhances your care for patients. Sessions cover everything from neuroscience and developmental perspectives all the way through recovery-oriented systems of care. Location: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Additional Information: here(Pro)

February 21: SAMHSA’s Webinar Series – Implementation of CT-R Across a System, Lessons of Success: SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice initiative invites you to participate in the fourth of a four-part webinar series. In part 4, Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Paul Grant focus on the systemic large-scale implementation of CT-R sharing evidence of culture change. Register: here. (Pro)

February 28 – March 2: Annual Mississippi Addiction Conference. Keynote Speakers: Mark Gold, MD and Robert L. Dupont, MD. Location: Jackson, MS. Additional Information: here(Pro)

March, 2018

March 4: Addiction eXecutives Industry Summit. Details: AXIS is designed as an intensive 3-day event that brings together individuals from diverse organizations to engage in a stimulating exchange of ideas on the changing healthcare environment, leadership, and business operations – an Executive Boot Camp. Location: Ponte Verde Beach, FL. Additional Information: here(Pro)

March 7-9: 11th National Counseling Advances Conference. Details: This conference addresses the most relevant and cutting edge topics for today’s mental health, addiction and other helping professionals. Attendees will be able to hear the latest research along with practical counseling strategies and take away advanced skills and techniques. Location: Las Vegas, NV. Additional Information: here(Pro)

March 10-14: 2018 AATOD Conference.  Location: New York, NY. Details: The AATOD Conference is the largest gathering of the opioid treatment community. This conference brings innovative people together in a diverse array of forums and workshops. Hot Topic Roundtable discussions, inspirational plenary sessions, in-person and virtual tours of programs, and exhibit booths with the latest technologies, science and products that support our work are just a few of the activities. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

April, 2018

April 1-30: Alcohol Awareness Month. Details: Founded and sponsored by NCADD, Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 to help reduce the stigma so often associated with alcoholism by encouraging communities to reach out to the American public each April with information about alcohol, alcoholism and recovery. Additional Information: here. (Pub/Pro)

April 1-15: The ASAM Annuual Confernce: Innovations in Addiction Medicine and Science.  Location: San Diego, CA. Details: The ASAM 49th Annual Conference is the nation’s premiere event showcasing the latest science, research, best practices and innovations in addiction medicine. The 2018 program offers more quality education, networking opportunities, and access to thought-leaders than ever. Join over 2,000 colleagues in San Diego for innovative, interactive, and incredible experiences. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

April 2-5: National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit 2018: Location: Atlanta, GA. Details: The National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit is where solutions are formulated, stakeholders convene, and change begins. It is the annual gathering for stakeholders to discuss what’s working in prevention and treatment. Additional Information: here. (PRO)

April 18: New Jersey Prevention Network Annual Addiction Conference. Location: Atlantic City, NJ. Details: This annual conference provides educational sessions presenting the latest research, best practices and leading innovations in the field of prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services. Additional Information: here. (PRO)

April 26-29: American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Annual Meeting.  Location: Vancouver, Canada. Details: The meeting will be designed to provide key stakeholders – especially physicians and members of their treatment teams – with the skills and knowledge necessary to more fully incorporate multidisciplinary care into their practices in order to improve care and optimize patient outcomes. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

May, 2018

May 18: McLean Hospital 2018 Addictions Conference. Location: Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge, MA. Details: McLean Hospital is pleased to offer this annual conference bringing together some of the foremost authorities in the addiction field. Topics will include new, evidence-based treatments, the nuances of treating co-occurring disorders along with addiction, and special populations. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

May 13-19: SAMHSA’s next National Prevention Week. Details: NAATP National Addiction Leadership Conference has been the annual “go to” event for our industry since 1978. NAATP National remains unique and critically important as the leading educational and networking event within the addiction treatment field. The upcoming NAATP National in 2018 is our 40th annual conference. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

May 20-22: National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Conference. Location: Denver, CO. Details: Each year around this observance, communities and organizations across the country come together to raise awareness about the importance of substance use prevention and positive mental health. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

June, 2018

June 8-11: 2018 NIDA International Forum.  Location: San Diego, CA. Details: Join the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) International Program for the research symposium, poster session, and network-building activities focus on the range and quality of drug abuse research conducted around the world. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

June 9-14: The College on Problems of Drug Dependence.  Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront: San Diego, CA. Details: The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) provides a national and international forum for scientists of diverse backgrounds to advance the understanding of molecular-neurobiological aspects of addictive disorders. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

June 10-13: ICOO 2018: 2018 International Conference on Opioids. Location: Boston, MA. Details: The 2018 International Conference on Opioids (ICOO 2018) has assembled the best and brightest minds in opioid analgesics who will explore the challenges of using opioids to treat pain. They will present the latest research, real world knowledge, and practical solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes and reducing risk to both your patients and your practice. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

August, 2018

August 19-22: National Conference on Addiction Disorders.  Location: Disneyland, CA. Theme: Join addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare professionals of all types working together to heal our communities and build sustainable and successful treatment organizations at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders. Earn CE and ethics credits. Additional Information: here. (Pro)

September, 2018

September 1-30: National Recovery Month. Description: National Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. Additional Information: here. (Pub/Pro)

September 19-20: 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy.  Location: San Diego, CA. Theme: Expanding Access to Novel Methodologies & Innovation in Recovery Therapy on addiction and Behavioral Health-Care. Additional Information: here. (Pro)