Addiction Hope ®:

Educating Individuals and Families Alike on Addiction and Addiction Treatment.
Alleviating Fear, Showing Comfort, Demonstrating Respect, Providing Access to Addiction Treatment Programs

Welcome to Addiction Hope

If You’re Struggling with Addiction, AH provides Recovery & Support Resources for Those Battling an Addiction, Substance Use Disorder, Alcohol Abuse, ETC.
There is Hope in Addiction Recovery and AH Can Help You!

Addiction Hope ® is dedicated to helping individuals who are struggling with addiction or any other substance use disorder find a solution to their struggle.
Our goal is to help people end their addictive behavior by modifying their lifestyle to reduce cravings and build a structure for the road to recovery. Peruse the AH website to learn about the signs of addiction, read about studies being conducted on how to best treat substance use disorders, and visit the Treatment Locator to find outstanding programs that will help you in your walk to recovery.

In March of 2014, Jacquelyn Ekern, LPC, Founder and President of Addiction Hope ™ and Eating Disorder Hope ™ created and developed this informative website with the help and advice of colleagues, professors, psychiatrists, and other relevant organizations. Our ultimate goal is to freely provide access to as much valuable information as possible that can help a loved one recover from the disease of addiction and substance use disorders and help with finding addiction treatment.

Our goal is to offer all of this valuable information in one place where the hope and support of ending addiction behaviors are encouraged. We also promote the healing and embracing of life while pursuing full and complete recovery from alcohol abuse, substance use disorder, and other forms of addictions. The Addiction Hope ™ mission is to foster an appreciation of a person’s uniqueness and true value in the world. We want those struggling with addictions to learn that their worth is not related to their appearance, achievement or praise. For those suffering from eating orders and related issues please visit our sister site Eating Disorder Hope.