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Addiction Hope dedicates a significant portion of our attention to addiction recovery methods & support methods and the latest treatment for substance abuse, mental health conditions, and process addictions. Continue reading below for the latest blog posts related to recovery and support. In the “Recovery & Support Navigation” menu, click on the drop-down arrow to find helpful resources on interventions, detoxification, support groups, recovery books and much more.

Rethinking Addiction Recovery

Lady sitting on the beach reading a book Contributor: Staff at Sierra Tucson The word recovery can have different meanings depending on who you ask. Many of us immediately think of the 12-Step model of recovery, a popular treatment method that emphasizes the importance of remaining sober from drugs and alcohol, gambling or otherwise. Made famous by the abstinence-oriented recovery group Alcoholics Anonymous [...]
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The Dangerous Stigma of Addiction Still Extends to the Workplace

Msn working in office about to ask for Leave of Absence for Substance abuse treatment Contributor: Staff at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center Living with an addiction can impact all areas of a person’s life. From trying to maintain or repair relationships with loved ones to managing cravings, developing coping strategies, and avoiding relapse, the recovery process is a tumultuous time that requires an incredible amount of emotional fortitude. Often, [...]
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How Faith Helps Some People Remain Committed to Recovery

Man praying for God to help in your recovery Contributor: Staff at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center Nurturing the spirit can have a powerful impact on a person who is in recovery from addiction, even if they aren’t affiliated with a specific religion. When paired with treatment methods that address the mind and body, spirituality or religion can play a critical role in the [...]
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