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Addiction Hope dedicates a significant portion of our attention to recovery methods and the latest treatment for substance abuse, mental health conditions and process addictions. Continue reading below for the latest blog posts related to recovery and support. In the “Recovery & Support Navigation” menu, click on the drop-down arrow to find helpful resources on interventions, detoxification, support groups, recovery books and much more.

How Do I Forgive My Spouse Who Betrayed Me in a Sexual Addiction?

Spouse holding hands The devastating fallout of sexual addictions is de-stabilizing and wreaking havoc on the average American family. It’s been reported that 50% of all men and 30 % of all women have an active engagement with pornographic material (and here’s the sad truth, most studies show that it’s not much different in the Church). We’ve traded [...]
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Are Adderall Alternatives Appropriate for My Child With ADD/ADHD?

Boy on skateboard Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), are disorders that affect the regions of the brain for attention, focus, and functioning. The prefrontal cortex, which is the ‘secretary’ for the mind is the executive functioning for how humans organize and execute thought and behaviors [1]. The prefrontal region in the brain is [...]
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Getting Professional Help in 2017

lonely man on the bench autumn, winter As a pastor, I do a lot of weddings and I totally love it! Come on, what could be better than two young people, in love, planning the rest of their lives together? But what I find deeply troubling and discouraging is that the average wedding costs between 10-15k, has hours of energy, planning and [...]
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Effectiveness of Neurofeedback for Addiction Recovery

Man in Recovery Neurofeedback is a type of therapy where treatment normalizes the alpha and theta brain waves which are disrupted by substance abuse. In neurofeedback, patients learn to change their brain wave patterns which can increase relaxation and reduce stress. Neurofeedback training can help teach a patient to self sooth by connecting to the rational regions of [...]
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How to Support a College Student Addicted to Drugs

Woman In College Looking Out Her Window As She Thinks About Her Addiction To Adderrall - Addiction Hope Contributor: Megan Wilson, BS, CADC, Addictions Program Coordinator, Timberline Knolls Residential Center Once you have awareness and acceptance that your child or loved one is struggling with an addiction, you may feel helpless as to understanding how to support them. Support can be approached in different ways according to their own awareness and acceptance of their [...]
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