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Signs That Might Indicate You Have a Food Addiction

Eating food 35% of adults in the US are obese, but a study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry found that 10% of underweight participants met the criteria for a food addiction [1]. Addiction is typically associated with drugs or alcohol, but research has shown that food addictions activate the same reward and pleasure areas of our brain [...]
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Options for Children of Addicted Parents

Parent and child It is estimated that 25% of youth under 18 are exposed to family alcohol abuse or dependence [1]. Children who are exposed to this environment are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, or use substances at an earlier age than their peers. Often trauma can occur due to living with an addicted parent. It also [...]
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Overview of Drugs Studied for Combating Food Addiction

Man with food addiction Food addiction is a type of addiction where individuals who struggle with eating large amounts of food, typically done in secret within a 2 hour time period and have an unhealthy relationship with food. Those who are addicted to food, react the same way as those addicted to drugs react [1, 4]. In 2009, Yale [...]
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