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Addiction Hope dedicates a significant portion of our attention to recovery & support methods and the latest treatment for substance abuse, mental health conditions, and process addictions. Continue reading below for the latest blog posts related to recovery and support. In the “Recovery & Support Navigation” menu, click on the drop-down arrow to find helpful resources on interventions, detoxification, support groups, recovery books and much more.

What Should We Do Now to Counter the OUD Epidemic? – Improving Existing Treatments – Article 2

Handful Of Quaaludes and how to Counter the OUD Epidemic Dr. Mark Gold’s Research You Can Use This series of four articles explores more evidence-based, accessible and comprehensive treatment and mitigation options to treat addiction, prioritizing, and above all, saving lives. This second article of the series talks in greater depth about the dire necessity of improving existing treatments. Clearly, we need better and more [...]
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Families and Addiction – Part 4: The Family Recovery Journey – Part 1

Man sitting on a curb with a beer in his hand Families & Addiction – Part 4: The Family Recovery Journey – Part 1 This is Charlie’s family system, and it shows the struggles that they are all facing because of Charlie’s battle with addiction. For Charlie’s family, the addict begins to exhibit behaviors, and that is when the family system starts to change. When there [...]
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