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Our Mission

Our mission at Addiction Hope ® is to support and bring hope to our vibrant online community through education and resources.  We constantly update our national treatment directory, support group listings, articles, and blogs to ensure the most accurate information is available to our community of addiction sufferers.

We host interactive social media events (Google Hangouts, Twitter chats, and webinars) for individuals struggling with addiction and their loved ones. This includes those battling substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, and any co-occurring mental health concerns. Addiction Hope is a Christian organization dedicated to promoting addiction recovery for individuals of all faiths.

Our Philosophy

Addiction Hope promotes ending addictive behavior, developing healthier coping skills and living a value-driven life of health and well-being. We encourage establishing life enhancing habits to replace former self-destructive behaviors.

Addiction Hope believes that recovery is possible for those willing to engage in the profound physical, emotional and spiritual work necessary to give up the addiction and forge a new way of being in the world that embraces health, authenticity, and wholeness.

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