How and Where to Get a Rehab Scholarship for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab can range from $0 (with insurance or through state-funded rehab) to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of treatment you choose. Cost is a common barrier to high-quality and life-saving addiction treatment. However, a rehab scholarship can help cover the cost of substance abuse treatment for those who can’t otherwise afford rehab. You can get a rehab scholarship in many places, including through an individual rehab center and third-party organizations or non-profits.

What is a Rehab Scholarship?

A rehab scholarship covers the cost of addiction treatment, either partially or fully, allowing low-income individuals or those without insurance to access drug and alcohol rehab.

Who Qualifies for a Drug Rehab Scholarship?

If you have health insurance or the financial means to pay for addiction treatment, you don’t qualify for a rehab scholarship. This type of assistance is reserved for those who really need it, such as individuals who:

  • Don’t have insurance: If you don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to buy it, you may qualify for a rehab scholarship.
  • Are underinsured: If your health insurance will only cover a small portion of treatment, you may qualify for a rehab scholarship to cover the rest.
  • Have tried other financial options: If you’ve tried crowdfunding, loans, applying for Medicare and Medicaid, and other forms of financial aid, a rehab scholarship might be the best route for you.
  • Need specialized treatment that isn’t covered: If you have a co-occurring mental health disorder and need dual diagnosis treatment that your insurance doesn’t cover, a rehab scholarship can help.
  • Are committed to recovering from addiction: You must demonstrate your commitment to recovering from addiction as well as your willingness to attend at least 30 days of rehab.

Where Do I Apply for a Rehab Scholarship?


Some non-profit organizations offer rehab scholarships for those who qualify. A popular one is called 10,000 Beds, which has helped thousands of people get addiction treatment. They partner with rehab centers nationwide that have openings and then help fill those beds.

Individual Rehab Facilities

Many individual drug rehab facilities offer rehab scholarships to help cover the cost of care. They do this for those who are uninsured or need financial assistance.

You will have to contact the treatment facility directly in order to find out if they offer a rehab scholarship. When you are calling programs you’re interested in, make sure to ask if they offer financial aid or other types of payment assistance.

How to Apply for a Rehab Scholarship

Through 10,000 Beds

The criteria for a rehab scholarship through 10,000 Beds include:

  • You need substance abuse treatment
  • You have a strong desire to recover from addiction
  • You are willing to attend at least 1 month of inpatient treatment
  • You are unable to pay for drug rehab
  • You’ve tried other forms of financial aid and assistance

On the application, you’ll need to provide information about yourself and your addiction history, such as:

  • Your full name and birthdate
  • Your email address
  • Your home address
  • Your phone number
  • The substance or substances you are addicted to
  • How long you’ve been using drugs and/or alcohol
  • Whether you’ve attended a treatment program before
  • Whether you need detox
  • Financial information
  • History of trauma
  • Prescription medications you are taking
  • When you are available to attend a rehab program

Through a Drug Rehab Center

If you plan to apply for a rehab scholarship through a treatment center, you’ll want to follow these steps to give yourself the best chance at qualifying.

1. Demonstrate Your Need for Financial Help

If you are unable to pay for drug rehab on your own, you’ll need to provide the rehab center with your financial information, such as:

  • Your expenses
  • Your checking and savings account balances
  • Income
  • Debt

You may also want to provide any strategies you employed to try to raise money for rehab, such as crowdfunding or applying for loans.

2. Emphasize Your Need for Addiction Treatment Services

Make sure that you have a formal diagnosis of a substance use disorder from a doctor or treatment provider. This will demonstrate your need for professional addiction treatment. You can use your substance abuse assessment to explain why you need rehab and how you think it will aid your recovery.

3. Show Your Commitment to Quitting Substance Use

Explain how drug or alcohol abuse has negatively impacted your life, occupation, education, mental health, and physical health. Explain why you want to recover from addiction and what inspired you to seek professional care.

You might even want to write down a relapse prevention plan you will follow once you finish rehab. These can include ongoing therapy, sober living homes, step-down care, and support groups.

What Types of Treatment Programs Do Rehab Scholarships Cover?

Every rehab scholarship is different. Some cover the cost of outpatient treatment, while others cost inpatient care. Meanwhile, some scholarships cover both.

Since inpatient rehab is more expensive than outpatient treatment, most rehab scholarships tend to provide coverage for residential treatment. Rehab scholarships do not cover the cost of upscale or luxury rehab since these programs offer extra amenities that aren’t necessary for recovery.

How Much of Treatment Do Rehab Scholarships Cover?

Some rehab scholarships cover a portion of addiction treatment services while others provide full coverage. It depends on the individual facility or non-profit you are receiving the scholarship through.

Ultimately, if you have exhausted all other options and still haven’t been able to finance drug rehab, a rehab scholarship may be the right option for you. Use our treatment locator to find a substance abuse treatment program that’s right for you—and then call to inquire about their financial assistance.