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The Expanding Cannabis Market and MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD

Medical Marijuana and The Expanding Cannabis Market Dr. Mark Gold’s Research You Can Use The article discusses five different, yet highly relevant studies regarding recent substance abuse trends and the consequences. The first study focuses on the expanding cannabis market and its ever-increasing range of products, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty for users and its effects. The second study digs deeper into [...]
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Understanding Self-Medication and Addiction

Girl in Self-Medication for anxiety Dr. Mark Gold’s Research You Can Use Self-medication theory, as mainly advocated by Ed Khantzian, assumes that suffering is the driving force behind addiction. The theory hypothesizes that underlying psychological disorders force individuals to self-medicate. Patients are then distinguished as per their drugs of choice. For instance, if a patient had an alcohol use disorder, he [...]
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Ask the Expert – An Interview with Dr. Andrew Kolodny

Naloxone the opioid overdose antidote Dr. Andrew Kolodny was kind enough to be interviewed by Jacquelyn Ekern the Founder & President of Addiction Hope about the increased use of Naloxone or Narcan as an opioid overdose antidote. Mrs. Ekern: Naloxone or Narcan use is increasing, and some have found repeated overdoses by the same person. What should be done immediately after [...]
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