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Teenage Binge-Drinking and Long-Term Anxiety

a bar where Binge-Drinking and Long-Term Anxiety can occur Every “coming of age” movie ever has sent the clear message that adolescence is a challenging time. Unfortunately, these movies also often send the message that it is acceptable for teens to binge-drink to socialize and cope in these times but does binge-drinking and long-term anxiety feed on each other? While this is posed as “harmless” [...]
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Life & Death Reality of Opioids & Teenagers

Group of teenagers abusing Opioids At this point, the opioid crisis is well-covered in the media, and it should be. Teenagers abusing opioids and the true reality of death are well documented. After all, a staggering and heartbreaking 130 irreplaceable individuals die from opioid overdoses per day in America [1]. Sadly, these numbers are only rising, as opioid addiction impacts the [...]
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