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Inhaled Heroin Adds Fuel to the Opioid Epidemic

Image of a dragon representing Chasing the Dragon Inhaled Heroin Dr. Mark Gold’s Research You Can Use Severe heroin toxicity has emerged as a growing public health concern. A recent review published in the JAMA Neurology has brought to light the alternative to injection trends in opioid use disorders. Inhaling is becoming a more popular route of use. This method of heroin inhalation can lead [...]
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Pornography and Video Gaming – A Coping Tactic to Deal With “Forced Abstinence”?

Video game playing Dr. Mark Gold’s Research You Can Use Video gaming and viewing pornography are highly prevalent behaviors in today’s age and time. Yet, little is known about how the two can be related or overlap each other. Earlier this year, a day-long crash of the servers of the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale presented interesting potential [...]
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