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Alcohol Detox – What to Expect on the Hard Road to Recovery

Man in alcohol detox Treatment for alcohol dependence or alcoholism typically begins with detoxification, also known as alcohol detox, which is the complete cessation of alcohol consumption. Alcohol has consistently remained to be the most abused substance throughout history. Alcohol abuse, on varying levels of severity on the alcohol use disorder spectrum, affects around 10 percent of women and [...]
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Veterans & PTSD – Why The Vulnerability to Addiction?

Veteran in a wheelchair As the United States grapples with what is being touted as the worst drug crisis in its history, an overshadowed victim often does not receive the attention it deserves. These are the veterans. Not only drinking rates are reported at an all time high, but veterans are also caught up in the current opioid epidemic. [...]
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Tapering Off Opioids to Improve Pain Management

Woman working There is no question that opioids are negatively affecting countless of individuals across the country, particularly when it comes to abuse and addiction. However, for many people, opioids are pain medications needed to help effectively deal with chronic pain, which may be the result of injury or illness. Despite the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the [...]
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