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Barriers to Quality Addiction Treatment: Why So Many People Go Untreated

Every year, millions of people who need addiction treatment fail to receive care for this condition. Many treatment barriers prevent people from accessing life-saving addiction treatment, such as lack of insurance, high cost of rehab, stigma, and lack of specialized care in their area. Common Barriers to Drug and Alcohol Rehab Addiction treatment barriers may [...]
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How and Where to Get a Rehab Scholarship for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab can range from $0 (with insurance or through state-funded rehab) to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of treatment you choose. Cost is a common barrier to high-quality and life-saving addiction treatment. However, a rehab scholarship can help cover the cost of substance abuse treatment [...]
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Residential Treatment for Alcoholism: How Do I Recover?

Man researching families and addiction on his computer Choosing to enter residential treatment for your alcoholism is a scary but positive step toward sobriety. There can be many questions you might have, such as what do I do about my employment? How will I manage my home, my family, or pets? How long will I be in treatment and what comes after that? [...]
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