Luxury Alcohol Rehab and What You Get For the Higher Price

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Most luxury alcohol rehab centers are thought of for celebrities and those who can financially afford it. With options being worldwide, these higher priced centers offer programs that are holistic, client focused, and an environment that helps clients stay motivated towards recovery.

U.S. treatment Centers

One such center is Aton Center in California. This center offers medical detox, behavioral and cognitive therapeutic approaches, individualized therapy and family therapy. Aton Center follows the 12-step model.

This may look similar to other substance abuse treatment centers, but higher costs also allow programs like Aton to offer more holistic practices such as massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, Eye Movement Desensitizations and Reprocessing (EMDR), and personal training [1].

Another such program is Malibu Beach Recovery, also in California. Besides the views, it offers holistic, gender specific treatment that is neurobiologically focused [1].

Also offering detoxification, behavioral therapy, and 12-step program models, Malibu Beach Recovery focuses on creative arts, yoga, and dual diagnosis treatment.

In Arizona, Sabino Recovery offers treatment for alcohol and substance abuse treatment. It is individualized and caters to the wealthy and executive services.

Sabino advertises a range of naturopathic therapies and services that focus on trauma and substance abuse to include equine therapy, music therapy, sleep testing and movement therapy [1].

Moving away from the west coast, in Dallas, Texas is Greenhouse which hosts research-based therapeutic models to provide best practices for clients. Greenhouse offers motivational interviewing, 12-step programming and individualized treatment plans [1].

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This center offers high luxury due to it being remodeled from a previous spa.

It offers gourmet meals, various spa services to help those who enter treatment to recover in a comfortable environment.

On the east coast, Tranquility Woods in Maryland is secluded for those who wish to be more private in their treatment.

This facility offers both traditional and holistic treatments to be a more creative comprehensive treatment.

In addition to individualized therapy, guests can opt to have private and semi-private rooms where family members can stay and engage in week long family support programs [1].

Bluff Plantation in Georgia offers both individualized treatment plans and holistic and traditional therapies.

Equine therapy, trauma and associative awareness therapy, nutritional counseling, spiritual care and aftercare support are highlights of what this facility offers for luxury care in alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

What You Get for a Higher Price

Many luxury rehab centers are often located near or on beaches, in mountain resorts, or on country estates. Often having private rooms and exquisite accommodations, every detail is geared toward comfort and relaxation.

Often spa-like activities are soothing and may feel more like a holiday to residents than a treatment program.

High-end facilities often provide services to those who are high-level executives, CEOs, celebrities and others who may need to continue working while in treatment [2]. Some centers also offer business centers within their facility to help these high-level residents feel more comfortable working while in recovery.

High-level costs also offer the protection of security and privacy of those who are concerned about their reputation. Many facilities are small in nature and can offer personalized treatment while high-profile treatment and clinical staff. Often there is security personnel that is at each facility to offer higher level privacy.

These types of facilities can also offer more recreational activities such as horseback riding, swimming, and tennis. Often luxury alcohol rehabs also have concierge and rooms service available for residents. These options can make alcohol and substance treatment more attractive to the wealthy.

What To Look for in Treatment

Regardless of the amenities and options available at luxury treatment facilities, there needs to be a high level of treatment care. When looking for luxury rehab, search for ones that have medically supported detox services, a range of mental health therapy and support, and treatment of addiction [3].

Also looking at what peer support services are offered in addition to individualized treatment and what family involvement there is. Ensuring there are research based and evidence based practices is also an important component to choosing the right treatment facility.

Woman sitting in window sillHigh-end facilities can charge anywhere from $30,000 to $65,000 per month in comparison to $5,000 per month for lower level programs. Even with insurance coverage can not be guaranteed, and checking your health benefits as well as treatment facilities to see what out-of-pocket costs there may be.

In conclusion, there are various luxury alcohol and substance rehabs available. Choosing the best one will depend on finances available, health coverage, and treatment program practices.

If you have the financial means, you can choose a facility that caters not only to your treatment needs, but food preferences, recreational activities, and spiritual practices. Knowing that luxury treatment is becoming ever more popular, knowing what your options are can help you choose the right treatment program for you.

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