Being a Drug Dealer while in College

College Student Buying Cocaine

Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

College students may find themselves in the most unexpected places and situations during their time spent on campus – either intentionally or unintentionally.  For some students, this may involve distributing and/or selling drugs and substances to other students and the surrounding community.  However a student may have come to obtain a particular drug, whether it is a prescription medication or illegal substance, falling into the rat race of drug dealing can be especially dangerous, particularly on a college campus.

It Can Start by Accident

peace-of-mind-349815_1280Many college communities may inadvertently promote access to drugs and substances that may become more accessible to students who are seeking out these substances.  However a student has come to access drugs for selling and distributing purposes, the pattern of these behaviors can ultimately lead to a person’s gradual demise.  Whether drug dealing on college campuses has become a way of building an identity, fitting in with the crowd, making a living, or distracting from college obligations and responsibilities, drug dealing is a serious infraction that can jeopardize one’s entire life and existence.

If you have become involved with drug dealing on your campus, reconsider what you are doing and the lives you are endangering, including your own.  It is important to also consider what your intentions are for remaining at school and what you want to make out of your college career.  Drug dealing may seem like a temporary solution to issues you may be facing, but is this a way you want to live and survive?  Drug dealing undoubtedly comes with stress, anxiety, and other detrimental consequences as you delve further into the drug community.

There is a Way Out

rp_man-690201_640-300x169.jpgThe important thing to understand is that there is always a way out.  There are people within your community who can help you overcome anything you are facing or may be struggling with.  If you are ready to move forward from your days of drug dealing on a college campus, it is critical to reach out to someone you trust.  No matter what your situation may look like, you always have the option to make a conscious choice towards positive changes in your own life.

College has the potential to offer amazing opportunity and potential.  If you have find yourself turning towards drug dealing because you are struggling in college, consider taking a break to seek out help and reevaluate what you want to make of your college career.


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What do you think about the dangers that are involved for college students who pose as drug dealers?  What resources are available on college campuses for students who may be involved in such a situation?

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