Weed & Vaping in College Students

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The stigma tied to smoking has led many college students to choose to vape instead. Vaping is another term for e-cigarettes. While there is a belief that vaping causes fewer health issues, research is still uncertain about the full impact of vaping marijuana or nicotine.

While the true impact of e-cigarettes is still being researched, the research that is available shows there are negative effects. This is important to be aware of since the amount of college students who are vaping is continuing to rise dramatically [1].

The rate at which people are using marijuana and nicotine through vapes is growing more quickly than any other substance in the last 42 years [1]. It is important for people to be aware of the following potential consequences of vaping:


College Student struggling with addiction to vapingNicotine is highly addictive. In fact, 32 percent of people who used nicotine one time developed a long-term habit [2]. E-cigarettes may contain more nicotine than regular tobacco products. There are ways to increase the amount of nicotine that someone gets from a single hit.

This means that college students who vape instead of using cigarettes because they believe it’s healthier may actually be getting even more nicotine than if they had smoked a cigarette. This increases the risk of addiction because of the amount of nicotine that someone is being exposed to. Vaping is just as addicting as smoking cigarettes [1].

Also, vaping marijuana comes with its own unique concerns. Similar to what may lead college students to use e-cigarettes, there is a belief that marijuana is not addictive. However, addiction is not just about the biological effects of a drug [2]. Someone can become addicted to a substance even if they are not physically dependent on it. Emotional dependence can lead to addiction [2].

Marijuana use is continuing to increase in college-aged individuals. Recent research shows that college students are beginning to use marijuana daily or almost every day [1].

Health Risks of Vaping

Many college students begin vaping because they believe it is less harmful than regular cigarettes. Recent research shows that vaping is linked to chronic lung disease, asthma, and heart problems [3].

As researchers continue to understand the nature of the chemicals used in vapes, we may have a clearer understanding of the long-term impact of this method of substance use.

While there are many things we are continuing to learn about vaping, one thing is clear: it is not without harm. It is important to know about the potential risks if you are thinking about vaping, currently vape, or know someone who does.

Having the information to make an informed choice can help reduce long-term harm, especially as younger generations may be reigniting the smoking epidemic.


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