Treatment for Quaaludes Abuse and Addiction

Do You or Someone you Love Need Quaaludes Treatment?

Perhaps you are reading this because you or someone you love is suffering with an addiction to Quaaludes, and you have reached the point in your life where help is needed and wanted for recovery.  While it might be confusing initially to know how to navigate through something so complicated, your recovery from a Quaaludes addiction can begin today by simply recognizing the problem of your behaviors.  When you are able to admit your problems with trusted loved ones and family members, you can continue to proceed in your recovery journey.  Addiction to Quaaludes is identifiable by numerous signs and symptoms.  Men and women who use Quaaludes have typical signs to be aware of, such as mood swings or personality shifts, and physical complications, such as cardiovascular impairment.  A Quaaludes addiction will usually not exist alone but is rather the result of underlying issues.  It is common that the addiction co-occurs with other problematic disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders.

Quaaludes Addiction Rehab Centers

Addiction Hope has carefully compiled and created a list of the top Quaaludes addiction treatment centers from across the country into this directory.  If you are looking for Quaaludes rehabilitation, these resources will be helpful to you as you consider your decision about working with a treatment program.

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Treatment Plan for a Quaaludes Addiction

In order to effectively and comprehensively treat an addiction to a substance, such as Quaaludes, a treatment plan will be established.   A successful treatment plan for the recovery journey will include a Quaaludes addiction treatment center, a qualified therapist, and supportive friends and family.  This will serve as the core foundation for the strategy that will be necessary for the addict overcoming Quaaludes abuse.

  • Friends and Family – Friends and family are important in the recovery process and should not be underestimated. When recovery and healing becomes difficult, they can provide the inspiration to continue.
  • Find a therapist – A therapist who specializes in Quaaludes addiction will be able to create an individualized Quaaludes detox plan. They will also help find and provide the resources needed for recovery.
  • Find a Quaaludes rehabilitation program – A Quaaludes treatment program will provide support in dealing with any physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Additional co-occurring addictions or disorders that may exist will also be evaluated.
  • Support group – A support group can provide accountability and guidance which is important. They will provide assistance when facing the trials of preventing a relapse. They will be important in assisting to continue abstinence.

Quaaludes Abuse Treatment Levels

The initial treatment level needed for Quaaludes addiction recovery is determined by the severity of the addiction and the consideration of any co-occurring disorders.  The following are the most common levels of treatment for Quaaludes addiction, in order of acuity:

  • Inpatient Level of Care – Patients at this level of care are hospitalized 24 / 7 in acute care. Inpatient hospital staff’s goal is to stabilize patients as quickly as possible to allow them to function in a lower level of care.
  • Outpatient Treatment Care – This type of care is comparable to an Intensive Outpatient Program but less intense. It places fewer limits on the person but still implements both group and personal therapies.
  • Treatment with Support Groups – This type of treatment is important as the members help alleviate the trials of relapsing. The group can supply much needed care and compassion on the road to recovery.

Having treatment at an appropriate level of care for your needs will give you the fundamentals you need to continue on in your recovery process.  As you master each level of treatment and care, you will continue to progress on your way towards overcoming your Quaaludes addiction.

Types of Therapy for Quaaludes Addiction

While pharmacological support is not typical of the detox process from Quaaludes, behavioral therapies are a key component to the recovery journey.  Behavioral therapies focus on working through any underlying issues that may have influenced the progression of the addiction.  The following are common types of behavioral therapies used for Quaaludes addiction:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This category of rehabilitation is designed to work on a patient’s maladaptive ways of thinking as a way influencing their behavior with an approach that is more positive. This also assists the patient in developing coping skills that replace negative skills with positive ones.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – This form of therapy teaches psychological skills that allow a man or woman to effectively cope with painful thoughts and feelings.  Encourages mindfulness skills.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – This level of rehab integrates the common behavioral therapy components of IBT and CBT for the regulation of emotions. The introduction of stress management and mindful awareness are key for this therapy.
  • Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) – IPT concentrates on the interpersonal relations and social roles using a short-term supportive psychotherapy, and it tries to help patients find better ways to handle and deal with existing issues or problems. There are four basic areas identified by IPT, which are unresolved grief, role disputes, role changes, and relationship shortcomings.
  • Supportive Programs – This includes groups such as the 12 step model similar to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). It also consists of group therapy, support groups, family therapy, etc.

Finding wellness and peace from Quaaludes abuse can be a difficult and challenging journey, but your efforts will be invaluable in helping you achieve this goal.  While treatment for a Quaaludes addiction may persist longer than expected, every day will be a step closer to freedom from this abusive cycle. Your life is precious and worth fighting for, and you are deserving of recovery and freedom.  At Addiction Hope, we firmly believe that recovery is possible for anyone who might be struggling with an addiction, no matter how impossible it may appear.  We implore you to take the first steps towards recovery by accessing our resources for a Quaaludes treatment center. No matter your age or background, you can have what it takes to overcome a Quaaludes addiction.

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