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Holistic Recovery and the High Price of Neglect

Man praying As a Pastor, I get the unique opportunity and privilege to study some of the greatest minds and lives that have ever graced our planet. One such mind was the great saint Ignatius. Ignatius launched a missionary movement through Europe centuries ago and instilled into his disciples the key practices of self-management, self-care and the [...]
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Rebuilding, One Relationship at a Time

Couple in relationship on bike “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” -Creighton Abrams One activity that is imperative (and good recovery operations know this, understand this and apply this) is doing the work of “relational amends” after an addiction has plagued an individual (and that surrounding individuals’ community) over a series of days, weeks, months [...]
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How to Find Your Perfect Program in 2017

Man choosing a program by the sea New year means new opportunities, new potential for change and growth and greater capacity for freedom and joy. In my last blog post, I urged you to consider getting professional help in fighting your addiction so that you wouldn’t go at it alone. I encouraged you with several compelling reasons why you might need professional [...]
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