Friends and Family of Those in Recovery: Speak Life & Spread Hope

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“The power of the tongue is life and death” – Proverbs 18:21

To the friends and family members of those struggling through an addiction… this post is for you.

How Can I Support My Loved One’s Addiction Recovery?

You hold one of the most powerful keys in your loved one’s addiction. Yes, I know, you ultimately are powerless to change anyone else’s life and you shouldn’t take the blame for anyone else’s addiction; however, you have one of the greatest assets in helping that person experience victory over the wreckage of addiction. You have the gift of encouragement, the gift of truth telling and the power of your tongue.

You, friends and family members, have the decision. Will you speak redemptive power and hope into the life of those you love, or will you resort to anger, harsh words, and venom from your tongue? Yes, you didn’t choose another’s addiction, but you do have the choice of how you react to it.

You, friends and family members, have the opportunity to be wronged and not revile or retaliate; you have the opportunity to show grace, love, and patience where judgment, anger and bitterness would feel better. You have the amazing opportunity to continue loving those who in many senses have become “unlovable.”

You, friends and family members, can demonstrate unconditional love and give life to someone who feels like they might not deserve it. You can be the voice, face and presence of the unseen God so that they can believe that they’re loved and accepted despite themselves.

Responding to Addiction with Life and Love

The apostle John put it this way in 1 John 4:12:

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“Beloved, no one has ever seen God but if we LOVE another God lives and his love is perfected in us.”

When we choose love, acceptance and life over death, denial and judgment, we show the unseen God to the world and make His beauty visible.

May you friends, family and loved ones continue the work of reaching out to those who have been ravaged by the pain of addiction. Yes, you could choose anger and bitterness, but what they need, and what you need, is grace and love.

Pastor Ryan Moffet family photoAbout the Author:

Ryan Moffat is the teaching pastor at Vast Church in Sisters, OR and is currently working on his Masters in Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, OR

Ryan received his BS in Bible and Theology and a minor in counseling from Multnomah University. He has pastored students, families and is passionate about Christ-centered recovery and healing. He’s been married to his beautiful wife Michelle for 13 years and they enjoy raising four crazy, unique and special kids together.

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Published on July 26, 2017.
Reviewed By: Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC on July 26, 2017
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