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Why Your Family Matters in Drug Rehab

Family standing together holding hands “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.” – Psalm 32:3 There are very few activities in life more exhausting than pretending. To routinely wake up, put the mask on, and use all of your precious energy to develop your persona is a silent life of desperation. I like [...]
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Heroin Addiction: How Long Will I Need to be in Treatment?

Sad girl addicted to heroine “How long will my recovery take?” is a commonly asked question by patients battling an addiction. There is, however, no simple answer. Especially when it comes to heroin addiction, treatment may prove to be more complicated and lengthy. Despite the difficult journey, what needs to be prioritized is getting control of your life back and [...]
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Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy in Addiction Treatment

man showing virtual brains on open palm, idea concept Contributor: Nikki Baker, Content Writer at JourneyPure. Think back to the first time you learned to ride a bike. You probably remember some feelings you were experiencing – fear, excitement, maybe a little trepidation. What you weren’t aware of is how your brain was responding to this new activity, which requires mental focus and an [...]
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