The Importance of Confiding in Another Person

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Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

The process of recovering from substance abuse addiction is a challenging journey, one that is full of obstacles that lead to many ups and downs. As a person learns to fight against their desires and inclinations to use drugs and/or alcohol, they will inevitably be faced with resistance to change and the many challenges that come with changing a lifestyle in its entirety.

Learning to undo many of the habits and behavioral tendencies from an addiction take time and dedication to the process. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects to relearn in recovery is the process of confiding and trusting in other people once more.

Withdrawing from Relationships

Because the life of addiction is isolating, individuals who struggle with an addiction to substance abuse often regress from healthy relationships and withdraw from many forms of healthy communications.

In attempt to keep a destructive lifestyle hidden and secret, a person struggling with addiction can refrain from many fulfilling relationships and become less inclined to open up to others. Being in recovery slowly challenges this aspect of addiction and helps a person become more confident and willing to reestablish relationships with others and develop appropriate forms of communication once again.

Talking as Part of the Recovery Process

Mature woman with daughter having serious conversationBeing able to confide in trustworthy people can be an invaluable tool in the recovery process from addiction. This can give you a powerful source of accountability as well as help you process any struggles you may be facing in your own recovery journey.

Breaking the barrier of isolation and secrecy begins by taking a chance and learning to lean on others once more. You may also find that by confiding in others, you are better able to cope with the many emotions, challenges and experiences you face along the way in your recovery journey from addiction.

You do not have to be alone in this journey, and by reaching out for the support you need, you can strengthen your resolve to recover.

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Are you in recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol? If so, what have you found to be the most difficult part about reaching out and confiding in another person about the struggles you may be facing? What have you found rewarding about taking the chance to reach out to others for help and support?

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