Hope and the Holidays

Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC for Addiction Hope

The holiday season is one of hope, merriment, and joy. The many traditions, gatherings, and celebrations that are shared during the holidays often bring home to many individuals. What if you are fighting against an addiction to drugs or alcohol?

The holiday season may not bring the same sentiment that it does to others. In fact, the holiday season can be even more painful and challenging while in the throes of substance abuse. How can you regain a sense of hope when you are burdened with an addiction?

It is important to know that hope can be experienced in your life, during the holidays and in any other season you may be experiencing.

The Consequences of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol can result in many consequences that can hinder an individual or prevent them from truly thriving in life. Experiencing hope or joy can seem out of reach when under the control of drugs or alcohol.

Connecting with others in a social setting or building meaningful relationships will also become more challenging with an addiction. Health, wellness, relationships, memories – all these precious things in life that bring us hope are thwarted under the burden of addiction.

Experience Real Hope Again

This holiday season, you can begin to experience real hope again. By taking the first step towards recovery, you can reclaim your life from addiction and find the things in life that truly satisfy you and bring you joy.

Perhaps you have missed out on entire holiday seasons because of an addiction. Or relationships you once had have been strained because of your struggles with substance abuse. Whatever your past, know that hope transcends all misgivings and allows you to rebuild a new future.

Regain What Was Precious to You

Addiction no longer needs to take away another precious day of your life. Wherever you are today during this holiday season, know that a life of abundant hope awaits you. By reaching out to a trusted family member, friend, counselor, etc. and voicing your concerns and needs, you can start down the path towards helping yourself.

While the journey towards recovery may feel intense and even overwhelming at times, believe that you are choosing the pathway that will allow you to have true hope in life.

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What aspects of your life have brought you hope and joy? What about the holidays can make recovery from addiction challenging?

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