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Addiction Hope™ offers education, support, and inspiration to substance abuse sufferers, their loved ones, and addiction treatment providers. Whether an individual struggles with a single addiction such as alcohol, or from co-occurring disorders such as depression and prescription drugs abuse, Addiction Hope can help.

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    Addiction Hope™ promotes ending addictive behavior, embracing life and pursuing recovery. We provide a detailed national treatment directory, extensive information on substance abuse and resources for support and encouragement.

    Social Anxiety & Xanax

    Also commonly referred to as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is characterized by feelings of fear or anxiety regarding social situations in which one might be scrutinized or judged by others. These feelings may manifest in situations involving social interactions, such as meeting unfamiliar people, or when being observed by others, such as dining in a restaurant or giving a speech. Read More about “”

    Are Antidepressants Necessary After Addiction?

    Addiction and depression are often intrinsically linked together, one typically occurring in response to the other or even simultaneously. Yet there is often a stigma associated with taking prescription medications while recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The general public tends to look down on those who use medications such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications, even when prescribed by their doctor and used in the appropriate manner because there’s a sense that being “sober” should equal being free from any mind-altering drug, including those that could possibly save a person’s life. Read More about “”

    How Exercise Can Aid Recovery

    In a recent Danish study, addicts who completed the researchers’ exercise program reported improved quality of life and energy levels, better body image, and reduced drug intake. A small portion of the test group even refrained from drug use altogether in the long term. This study shows the possibility that exercise, in conjunction with other forms of treatment, can significantly aid recovery and maintaining a drug-free life. Read More about “”

    Do You or Someone You Love Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

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    An addiction to drugs or alcohol is difficult to break, no matter how determined or motivated you may be.  Because of the complexity of a drug addiction and the multiple ways in which your life can be affected, it is crucial that you or your loved one seek the guidance and support from a professional treatment center to help you throughout your recovery process.  If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, it can be confusing to know how to navigate through something so overwhelming, where to begin to get help or how to find a rehab center.  You can take the first and most important step towards recovery from an addiction by identifying the problem that exists and realizing that you cannot achieve recovery without help.  An addiction can also co-occur with other problematic disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders.

    Trying to end substance abuse is complicated. Several different elements have to be dealt with such as physical ailment, mental problems, central nervous system concerns and brain chemistry issues. Help is virtually required to overcome the drug dependency. It is extremely difficult to make the choice to stop abusing drugs and even tougher to follow through with the decision. It takes patience and dedication to make this happen, but stopping the drug or alcohol dependency can be accomplished with the assistance of loved ones, a licensed therapist, and a drug addiction treatment center.

    If a drug addiction has a grip on you and you want to stop, then make the most important decision of your life and confess that drugs control your life and you have an addiction. Your loved ones are there to help you get well. You can also find support from a licensed therapist, a support group and a substance abuse rehab center. This assembly of resources will shape your sobriety network. The team will help you beat the drug addiction. If you know a friend or family member who is caught in a drug addiction, then give your love and support to them. Create the time to talk with them in a gentle and non-threatening manner. Support them in recognizing that you are there to help. Keep in mind that the addict is not in command of their actions. The only thing they are concerned with is their need for more drugs. Help them find a drug addiction treatment center so they can begin to heal.

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