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Addiction Hope has put together a number of resources that complement getting professional help for substance abuse and alcohol addiction and can provide support for you and your loved ones.

Addiction Recovery – Inspirational video. As posted by: Erin Carmack

Articles on Addiction, Treatment, Recovery, and Self-Help

Addiction recovery is a long arduous journey, and it takes both private and professional resources to overcome a substance dependency. There are tools available and provided by Addiction Hope that can be a true asset in combating drug and alcohol abuse.

These resources provide information that deals with various types of therapies; different approaches to healing; addressing mental and health issues, and offering a means for self-help and emotional management. Take a moment to read the articles that can offer insight to recovery, mentoring resources, coping skills, and other recovery tools to help you better manage the journey to healing.


More Resources for Help & Information

There are many incredible substance abuse organizations and websites dedicated to addiction treatment and recovery. We’ve put together a list of them for you.

Recovery Support Group

Find external substance abuse help & treatment resources.

Recovery Articles