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Is It Cheating? Porn and Webcam Encounters

Porn And Webcam Encounters Is It Cheating - Addiction Hope “Thou shalt not commit adultery” can be a bit grayer than the Ten Commandments indicates. Many people wonder if viewing pornography or using a webcam to facilitate sexual experiences is actually cheating. Whether you think of these situations as adultery, if you have a pornography, webcam or other sexual addiction, now is the time to [...]
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How Equine-Assisted Therapy Aids Treatment For Addiction And Mental Health Issues

Equine-Assisted Therapy Aids Treatment Recovery - Addiction Hope Animals have a way of providing unconditional love, never passing judgment on humans for their many mistakes. Humans and horses have shared a special relationship for centuries. The bond between horses and humans derives from several similarities, such as our social nature and family systems. Therapists find that connecting recovering addicts and mental health patients [...]
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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed
The Dating Game

5 Ways Social Meda Has Changed The Dating Game - Addiction Hope Gone are the days when “blind” dates are really blind. Today, you can learn almost anything about the person you’re meeting thanks to Google search and social media. You can find out about the almost anything about the person, from their relationship history to the details of their trip to Thailand three years ago. Social [...]
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Learning How To Trust Your Spouse After Addiction Has Come Between You

Focus On Trust Your Spose After Addiction - Addiction Hope Addictions sever relationships, replacing togetherness with what feels like insurmountable chasms. The foundations of a relationship may break apart in the wake of addiction, as cornerstones like trust and accountability disappear. When a spouse achieves sobriety, it does not magically put the pieces of your relationship back together. Rebuilding what you once had with your [...]
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Why Are There Different Drug Names On The Street?

Different Drug Names Cocaine Heroin Marijuana - Addiction Hope Snow. Crank. Acid. Buttons. These words seem normal enough, but they actually refer to cocaine, crystal meth, LSD and psychedelic mushrooms, respectively. There is a wide world of street names for drugs, and they’re constantly changing. For parents especially, it’s important to recognize the alternative terms that people use to refer to common drugs. Even [...]
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