Mental Health and Addiction Articles and Resources

Below are the latest articles on mental health issues and process addictions, many of which often tie into substance abuse. In the “Mental Health Navigation” menu, click on the drop-down arrow to find evergreen, general information related to mental health conditions, as well as process addictions such as food addiction and sexual addiction.

Opioid Addiction: Managing Depression During Long-Term Recovery

Man struggling with Opioid Addiction Depression and opioid abuse are common among all age groups. Through recent research, new findings have emerged about the connection between depression and opioid addictions. Learning to manage your long-term recovery from both addiction and depression is a difficult process that can be managed with a mix of therapies, treatment, and aftercare support. Opioids Role [...]
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Panic Attacks and Addiction to Valium

Man looking at the water Around six million adult Americans experience panic disorder annually. Panic disorders are usually found to develop in early adulthood, exposing women to twice a greater likelihood as men of having panic disorder. [1] What makes matters even worse is the excessive use of depressants to cure panic attacks. One such popular benzodiazepine is Valium, a [...]
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Serial Marital Affairs – What is My End Game?

Marriage There is a strangely high incidence of suicide within the comedian population. Just in recent years, there were the high profile suicides of Andrew Koenig and Robin Williams. These happy, sarcastic, satyr and gifted artists often struggle with depression and self-reproach. What is happening? A strong theory held by many is that these characters have [...]
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Suicide & Teenagers – Battling Depression, Restoring Faith

Teenager battling food addiction “The terrible, tragic fallacy of the last hundred years has been to think that all man’s troubles are due to his environment, and that to change the man you have nothing to do but change his environment. That is a tragic fallacy. It overlooks the fact that it was in Paradise that man fell.” -Dr. [...]
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Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Use: What is the Connection?

Couple struggling with alcohol abuse and bipolar disorder Bipolar and alcohol are often a common comorbid issue. Symptom relief in those struggling with bipolar is one reason individuals turn to substances to help ease episodes of mania, irritability, or depression. Bipolar Defined Bipolar is a mental health disorder that can cause sudden and irregular changes in mood, energy, and activity level [1]. It [...]
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