Mental Health and Addiction Articles and Resources

Below are the latest articles on mental health issues and process addictions, many of which often tie into substance abuse. In the “Mental Health Navigation” menu, click on the drop-down arrow to find evergreen, general information related to mental health conditions, as well as process addictions such as food addiction and sexual addiction.

American Veterans: There Is No Shame In Needing PTSD Help

PTSD Help - Addiction Hope Contributed by Timberline Knolls Staff Member Known as the thousand-yard stare from World War I, the vacant, confused gaze of a battle-weary soldier was eventually recognized as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was, however, decades before the diagnosis was established and understood. Rather, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was only recognized as a legitimate condition five [...]
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Booze & Social Anxiety Disorder

Teen girls drinking alcohol We’ve all heard people on a night out casually comment that alcohol helps them in social situations, stating, “it makes me more outgoing,” or, “I feel less insecure after a few drinks.” Our society seems to view it as acceptable to mix booze and social anxiety in order to cope with extroverted tendencies and feelings of [...]
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How to Talk to a College Student About Marijuana and Their Mental Health

Father Talking to a College Student About Marijuana and Mental Health The most popular illicit drug in college students is, perhaps not surprisingly, marijuana [1]. In fact, college attendance is considered a risk factor for the use of marijuana, with rates of college students using the drug steadily increasing [2]. So, how does one talk to a college student about marijuana and mental health? It is [...]
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Depression Often Co-Exists with Addiction & Substance Abuse

Woman thinking about Depression Co-Exists with Addiction and addiction treatment “Depression is the inability to construct a future” ~ Rollo May The National Institute of Mental Health states that 16.2 million adults in the United States have experienced depression. They estimate 3.1 million US adolescents have suffered from depression. It is a national problem for many! Consequently, many seek to drown our depression in alcohol, [...]
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