Treatment Options for a Gambling Addiction

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The struggle with a gambling addiction can be one that leads to adverse consequences if left untreated, for both the individual suffering and their loved one involved.

While the options for addiction treatment may seem plentiful for substance abuse, a person dealing with a gambling addiction may be unsure as to what options are available for effectively treating their disorder and finding lasting recovery.

Similar to those who struggle with substance abuse disorders, pathological gambling requires an integrated and comprehensive approach that addresses the individual needs a person may have.

Treatment programs may be specialized for gambling alone or may address co-occurring disorders, such as substance abuse and a gambling addiction.

Because a gambling addiction can often develop alongside substance abuse, many substance abuse treatment programs have the capacity for addressing both.

Treatment Programs

There are also a variety of programs available specialized for the individual dealing with pathological gambling or a gambling addiction. Many treatment programs will offer a range of therapies, including psychotherapy and behavioral therapies for individuals, families and groups.

One of the most widely available forms of support for individuals recovering from gambling is the Gamblers Anonymous group, which is often integrated into many treatment plans.

family sitting on grassThere are also 12-step support groups for family members, which may also be helpful for loved ones seeking information on how to best support someone they care for who is dealing with a gambling addiction.

Options for treatment may vary according to the severity of the gambling addiction, and it is important to be assessed by a specialized professional to determine what level of care may be most appropriate for you or your loved one.

Individuals undergoing treatment for a gambling addiction will tend to find more success by fully committing to their treatment and to the recovery plan recommended by professionals and specialists. If you or someone you care for has been struggling with an addiction to gambling, talk with a counselor or therapist about the issues you may be facing.

Professional help and guidance in various forms is typically needed for intervention, treatment, and to find lasting recovery and healing.

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