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Overview of Gambling Addiction and Effective Treatment Programs

Man Gambling Gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling, is essentially the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the negative influence it can cast upon one’s life. Gambling is essentially the willingness to risk something valuable in expectation of attaining something of an even greater value. Hence, this also includes playing lottery tickets and placing bets. According to the [...]
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Effective Treatment and Therapies For Gambling Addiction

Poker chips and cards There are various effective treatments for those struggling with a gambling addiction. First it is important to define a gambling addiction as well as signs and symptoms. According to the DSM V, a Gambling addiction is defined as a ‘persistent and recurrent problematic gambling behavior, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as indicated by [...]
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Top 4 Process Addictions

Top 4 Process Addictions Let’s first answer the question of what a process addiction is. According to www.processaddictions.com, process addictions refer to the obsession to take part in certain activities or behaviors. Process addictions can manifest themselves in a number of ways. Virtually every activity or behavior that triggers the release natural feel good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin [...]
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