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Co-Occurring Seasonal Depression and Substance Abuse and During the Holidays

Man climbing to recovery of sexual addiction In 2007, the National Institute on Drug Use (NIDA) reported that approximately 60% of substance abusers have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Fall and winter can be a stressful time environmentally and situationally for sufferers. With darker months, individuals with seasonal depression are increased risks, some of which are boredom due to limited outside activity [...]
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Effectively Managing Depression In Drug Addiction Recovery

Effectively Managing Depression In Recovery - Addiction Hope Contributed by The Camp Recovery Center clinical team member Kathryn Taylor, MA, LPC/MHSP. Everyone has bad times, and the recovery course from addiction is sure to bring some tough challenges that might put even the most determined of individuals into a down mood here and there. For some, these moods are more than passing phases. [...]
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