Nutrition for Pregnant Mothers in Addiction Recovery

Contributor: Blog Contributed By Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC at Addiction Hope

Pregnancy is a vulnerable and sensitive time period, for both mother and developing baby. For the mother to be who is in recovery from addiction, this can be an incredible time of hope and restoration as a woman heals from substance abuse.

If you or a loved one is carrying a baby while in recovery from addiction, know that there is tremendous hope for you and the baby. Actively being in recovery in itself is an incredible step towards ensuring that you and your baby stay healthy throughout this special time.

During your pregnancy, it is crucial that you remain under care of an obstetric physician who can properly monitor the development of your baby as well as your health. In addition to your regular prenatal care with your obstetric doctor, it is important to continue to meet with your professional treatment team to address your additional and to stay focused on recovery.

Nutrition as a Fundamental Part of Both Pregnancy and Recovery

A fundamental part of your pregnancy and addiction recovery is nutrition. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy can help ensure a positive outcome for you and your developing baby. A mother’s nutrient needs are higher than the average person during pregnancy, largely due to the growing baby that is developing inside her body.

In addition to this, a woman in recovery from addiction will also has specialized nutrient needs due to the history of substance abuse. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can rob the body of crucial nutrients needed to thrive, and repairing these damages is necessary to ensure a woman’s body can maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Getting Help from a Professional Treatment Team

baby-17327_640A professional treatment team can be instrumental in guiding you through this delicate process of pregnancy while in addiction recovery. A registered dietitian, who is often part of a treatment team for addiction, can help guide you with a meal plan that includes the needed and calories and nutrients you will need throughout your pregnancy and while in addiction recovery.

If you are dealing with any other medical complications as a result of your history with addiction, your treatment team can also help monitor these concerns during your pregnancy.

Bringing a healthy child into the world, even after suffering through an addiction, is a gift that is possible for you. Ensuring proper nutrition, working with your professional treatment team and obstetric doctor, and staying committed to your journey in recovery will help you have a healthy pregnancy while giving your baby the best start in life.

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