How Christ Can Help Someone Addicted to Prescription Drugs

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I remember reading the testimony of Barnabas Piper a few years ago and audibly agreeing as I read the story of a troubled young man turned Jesus follower all in the amount of time that it took him to drink a six pack. Barnabas describes his conversion this way:

“I went to the store bought a six pack, came home and in my rebellion decided to drink and forget about life as quickly as I could. I’m not sure what happened that night but I went from a rebel and Jesus hater to a man who was broken and deeply loved Jesus [1].”

Barnabas perfectly describes the miracle of what Jesus called “The New Birth.” Many perspectives on addiction and recovery are important, but could it be that we’ve cut out our greatest resource and asset as we’ve dismissed the power of God and the healing presence of Jesus as our greatest remedy against the power of pills?

In the gospel of John, Jesus asks the all-important question that has the power to reframe and reshape a broken man’s life:

“Do you want to be healed?”

-Jesus (John 5:6)

Power and Desire for Addiction Recovery

We need someone with both the power and the desire to heal our broken lives. Most of us have one or the other, but not both.

Many addicts have the desire to get clean from the power of Oxycontin, but not the power. Many counselors have the tools and the power to help a client, but they can’t instill their desire into their client.

Jesus Christ has both the power (“He spoke all things into existence by the word of His power” Hebrews 1:3) and He has the desire to save you (“He desire all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth” 1st Timothy 2:4).

Christ can meet any old fool in any dire circumstance (just like Barnabas Piper) and take us at our lowest and offer grace, mercy, power and desire. May you find the goodness of God offered to you in Christ as you battle against the powers of prescription pills.


Pastor Ryan Moffet family photoAbout the Author:

Ryan Moffat is the teaching pastor at Vast Church in Sisters, OR and is currently working on his Masters in Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, OR

Ryan received his BS in Bible and Theology and a minor in counseling from Multnomah University. He has pastored students, families and is passionate about Christ-centered recovery and healing. He’s been married to his beautiful wife Michelle for 13 years and they enjoy raising four crazy, unique and special kids together.



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Published on June 6, 2017.
Reviewed By: Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC on June 6, 2017
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