Accountability: Communicating Your Daily Struggles in Recovery

Contributed by: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLCL for Addiction Hope

As you journey through your recovery, you will inevitably face different challenges along the way. This might include physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological obstacles throughout your recovery process.

As hard as it may be to embrace the ups and downs that come with recovery, it is important to understand that this is a completely normal part of becoming free from an addiction. Because of the complex nature of addiction, recovery is also multifaceted and requires a commitment to the journey.

The good news is that there are a multitude of tools and resources that can help you through this journey.

Staying Accountable and Avoiding Secrets

One key aspect of recovery is staying accountable for your actions and behaviors. Addictive behaviors can cause a person to isolate, be secretive, or manipulate/distort reality from the truth.

In order to break this powerful force in addiction, it is necessary to constantly be guarded, aware, and mindful of your actions and thoughts. The most effective way to safeguard your recovery is to stay accountable to someone who cares for you and supports your efforts. This can be a:

  • Family member
  • Trusted friend
  • Support group leader
  • Mentor
  • Pastor
  • Counselor

Speaking Openly with a Trusted Person

Senior Man & Woman Couple Sunset on BeachMaking an effort to stay accountable can help keep you proactive and conscious in your recovery efforts. If you find yourself slipping or falling back into behaviors/patterns associated with your addiction, reporting these issues can help you stay on top of your recovery.

While your addiction might thrive on secrecy, speaking openly about your daily struggles with someone you trust can propel your progression through any obstacle.

Starting or Finding a Support Group

If you are not sure how to get connected with an accountability partner, consider starting with a support group for addiction recovery. Support groups are a wonderful and accessible way to network with individuals who may have experienced a similar path as you.

Support groups can be found and accessed across the nation and are available for a wide range of drugs and alcohol recovery. Attending a regular support group can be an effective way of staying accountable in your recovery and having an outlet for sharing any struggles or obstacles you may be facing.

You will also find support groups to be a great source of encouragement to continue on in your fight for recovery and to maintain sobriety.

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