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The Solis Program at kp counseling

The Solis program at kp counseling is a multilevel substance abuse outpatient treatment program. Solis offers the intensive outpatient and outpatient level of care of substance abuse group therapy. Your entry into the program begins with an assessment to determine what level of care of care best meets your individual counseling needs.

The intensive outpatient level of care group meets three (3) times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30-8:30 PM. The first 90 minutes of the intensive outpatient group will focus on processing progress with living a recovery lifestyle, areas of struggle, and updates on areas of struggle in relation to one’s life.

The second half of the group will focus on education on key concepts related to substance abuse/addiction and recovery. This portion of the group uses a variety of learning including experiential activities, viewing short videos/podcasts including discussion, in-depth discussion and further processing.

At the Solis program, we focus heavily on the application of knowledge and not just “checking a box.” We believe, if you can not apply the information you are learning, then it is not much use to your ability to live recovery on a daily basis.

The average level of care for the intensive outpatient level of care is 6-12 weeks but will be based on your individual needs and your plan will be formed in collaboration with you and any others involved in your treatment experience.

The outpatient level of care is most often transitioned into after completing the intensive outpatient level of care, but there are some situations in which a client may be appropriate to enter the outpatient level of care from the start of their time with kp counseling. Outpatient group sessions meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:00 PM.

When a client transitions from the intensive outpatient level of care, the involvement in the outpatient group begins with attending 3 group sessions per week. As one progresses through the program, attendance decreases in intensity to twice and then once per week.

Those appropriate to enter the outpatient group without first completing intensive outpatient could initially attend group once or twice a week. The outpatient group focuses mostly on the application of recovery knowledge and areas of struggle as well as processing.

There is some education focus, but this level of care is mostly about helping a client begin the transition to recovery life without a group therapy experience.

At kp counseling, we believe that ongoing support is important to one’s treatment experience and recovery success. For those who complete the intensive outpatient and outpatient levels of care successfully, we offer a weekly aftercare group free of charge for 6 months.

During the intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment experience, clients will become educated on relapse trigger identification, relapse prevention planning techniques, addictive thinking patterns and how to combat them, the importance of a sober support network and focus on forming one (1), 12 step education, and a focus on learning how to cope with feelings and how to use feelings to promote lasting recovery.

While the Solis program strongly encourages involvement in the 12-step community, it is not a requirement of the program.

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