Using the 12 Step Process in Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

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The process of recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs can be a complex and overwhelming process. Because substance abuse addiction develops as a result of many complex factors, addressing the various components related to prescription drug abuse takes time and effort.

There are many different types of programs and approaches that are beneficial to an individual seeking treatment for their addiction to prescription medications, and it is helpful to know that there are many resources for recovery.

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Understanding the 12-Step Process for Addiction Recovery

The 12-Step Program is an approach integrated into many substance abuse recovery programs used to help an individual overcome addiction. Essentially the 12-Step program for drug addiction is a set of guiding principles that outlines an approach for overcoming the addiction.

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Typically the 12 Step approach is one that is spiritual in nature, encouraging an individual to look towards a higher being to overcome an addiction.

The 12-Step approach effectively guides a recovering addict through the various aspects of their life, including physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Another aspect of the 12-Step program is the encouragement of Sponsorship, or the pairing of a mentor along with a “sponsoree” or less experienced member of the program.

The mentor or sponsor and sponsee will typically engage in several activities through the program that help promote recovery, such as meditation, writing, and more.

Determining if the 12-Step Program is Right For You

If you or someone you care for has been in recovery from an addiction to prescription medications and is seeking out help and support, you may consider if a 12-step program is right for you as you look to get connected to treatment.

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Depending on the level of treatment that is appropriate for you, such as outpatient care, residential treatment, and so forth, may also help you better decide if the 12-step program is helpful for you. If previous treatment attempts have been futile, consider the possibility of a 12-step program.

Talk with your counselor or therapist to determine if enrolling in a 12-step program may be an effective form of treatment for overcoming an addiction to prescription medications.

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