Treatment Options for Sexual Addiction

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For the many forms of addiction, there are typically various types of treatment that are available to help a person find recovery. Some of the better known types of treatment usually revolve around substance abuse, including detoxification units and rehabilitation centers.

Though likely lesser known, there are also several treatment options available for individuals who are struggling with a sexual addiction, and understanding the types of care that can be sought is important for connecting to help.

Levels of Treatment

Treatment options for sexual addiction ultimately vary according to the severity of the disorder. Individuals who are struggling with severe symptoms of sexual addiction or are extremely compromised physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or psychologically, made need acute levels of care.

Other men and women dealing with a sexual addiction may find sufficient care and treatment at an outpatient level. Depending on the type of support that is needed and the kinds of complications that are being addressed, sexual addiction treatment can be varied.

Find a Professional

One of the most effective ways to determine what type of care is most appropriate for sexual addiction is to consult with a sexual addiction specialist and professional.

Doctor talking to her male patient at officeProfessionals trained in this area can use the appropriate diagnostic criteria to determine the nature of the sexual addiction, the severity of the disorder, and the type of care that is recommended for recovery and treatment.

Sexual addiction professionals can also be helpful in connecting clients to resources that may be useful in their position, such as treatment centers and/or specialists.

Whether through residential treatment, intensive outpatient, or outpatient treatment, help is available for those who may be dealing with a sexual addiction. Working at the appropriate level of care that may be right for you will help ensure that you are effectively addressing the symptoms, behaviors, and complications that you may be currently struggling with.

Some levels of treatment can be completed while maintaining a current job/work/school schedule, so work with your health care professional to determine what may be right for you. Treatment centers and specialists who take health insurance can also help you discover what benefits may be included in your health insurance for sexual addiction treatment.


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