Treating Core Issues a Key to Successful Rehab

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doctor-563428_1280Any person who is struggling with addiction and substance abuse has more to deal with beyond the physical addiction itself, the chemical pull which drugs or alcohol has over your body and mind.

Behind that addiction is likely a series of core issues, the hidden, lurking true factors which have led a person down a path of substance abuse to begin with, and continued to push them deeper into that direction. Healing core issues is a must for successful treatment and rehabilitation, and for enabling a person to continue that success once he or she is back in the real world.

Active Addiction Must Be Treated First

The addiction itself must be treated first and foremost when a patient enters rehab. As he or she goes through withdrawal and becomes clean, there is enough on everyone’s plate already. After completing that initial detoxification process while dealing with the physical addiction, it is only then that it’s appropriate to address those core issues.

Now, with a clean mind, and stabilized, a variety of different types of treatments and therapies may be utilized. The exact treatment plan will be determined based on the specific issues and needs of each client, and what he or she is dealing with.

Finding a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Young couple looking upIt’s important to find a treatment center that provides dual diagnosis treatment for patients as needed, allowing mental illnesses to be combated along with drug or alcohol addiction. For instance, in the case of a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia, treatment would clearly be different than for someone with an eating disorder, or someone without an additional diagnosis but rather a series of underlying emotional and personal issues.

One area of concern is that core issues often take a good deal of time and effort to fully address and resolve. Many individuals then are not able to stay in treatment long enough to adequately move past them. Outside of rehab, such core issues could take years of therapy to resolve, and even from that point, require substantial ongoing management efforts.

Engaging with Core Issues

However, a lack of attention to core issues can lead to relapse. It’s typically the most, or one of the most, common causes of relapse. Old patterns of behavior and triggers are often based upon or tied into these core issues as well. It’s all too easy to fall victim to them once again, and go down that path of addiction. It’s something which is difficult to deal with, and it’s even challenging for clinicians to grapple with, working hand in hand with their clients to create new coping strategies and lifestyle choices or patterns.

Addressing these issues is of paramount importance, to give you the education and tools required to maintain your sobriety, and enjoy a cleaner, happier and healthier life far into the future as well. The specific treatment plan should be fully personalized around you, designed to best address your circumstances, preferences, needs and the root causes of your own addiction.

Finding a Comprehensive Treatment Center

happy students giving high five at schoolTherefore, to help you on your journey, seek out a treatment center with a full range of treatments and potential solutions. We recommend a minimum of two weekly individual therapy sessions, with more available to you on an as needed basis. Ask about the number of patients they are treating, by limiting the total amount of patients at a facility, as well as the number of patients each therapist works with at any given time, you’re ensured of having as much professional guidance, support and attention as possible.

Beyond that, seek a treatment center with a variety of different group therapy services, we recommend seeking faith-based treatments, gender-specific treatments, 12 step programs, and more, as well as therapeutic alternatives, such as equine therapy, art therapy, and music therapy.

Emphasizing Holistic Treatments

Making sure your choice emphasizes holistic treatments is important, this means they will not utilize narcotics except for cases of medical necessity. These therapies will help you understand that your addiction is a chronic and life-threatening condition, but it’s a treatable one, with the right approach and services.

Core issues must be addressed in order to succeed with staying clean. Therefore, achieving long term emotional sobriety, and learning how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle while avoiding triggers and managing the deeper, root causes of addiction, is just as important as physical sobriety.

Beachway will do everything they can to help get you to achieve success with your recovery now and for the rest of your life. Feel free to learn about how Beachway can help you on your road to recovery by exploring their website, or take action and call our confidential support line, available 24 hours per day, at 855.337.5659

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