Staying Accountable to a Mentor for a Gaming Addiction

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Video games and gaming is a quickly becoming more popular. What started out as a simple green dot being swatted back and forth across the black screen has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

One can now play video games on their gaming console, computer, tablet and phone – gaming is now portable.

The internet has allowed people from all across the planet to communicate and play video games with and against each other.

It can be great fun, but it can also become a problem for those that are unable to stop and achieve a balance with their time.

Gaming becomes a problem when it overshadows other important parts of one’s life. For those that are struggling with stepping away from gaming, it’s important to ask for help.

Getting Help

Utilizing a mentor or a sponsor is a crucial part of recovery from any type of addiction. A mentor or sponsor is typically someone that has walked the path of addiction before you and has learned to achieve recovery by overcoming their addiction.

Festival Hearing Protection Video Game Game BoyIf you have the opportunity to choose a sponsor or mentor, look at selecting someone that is in a similar family and social status. If you choose someone that is single and you are married with six children it may be difficult for the two of you to relate to each other.

If you are eighteen and getting ready to go to college, you may want to try and find a sponsor that struggled with the pressures of gaming while attending college.

You may live in an area that has a limited amount of mentor options. That is okay too. The biggest value of a mentor or sponsor is their passion for helping others achieve recovery. Their availability in your time of need is helpful.

Reaching out to your sponsor when you know you are approaching a triggering situation, and having him talk you through refocusing your attention, and stepping away is important.

Seeking help from a mentor or sponsor is a valuable part of your recovery, knowing that someone has gone before you and that there is hope for you in your recovery from gaming is encouraging. Have hope because you have the ability to be a mentor to someone else someday.

Jane McGuireAbout the author: Jane McGuire is the Director of Content at Eating Disorder Hope & Addiction Hope. Jane graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Jane believes that everyone has a story of trial, that when shared, can be used to benefit and encourage someone else who is struggling to find hope and direction.

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We at Addiction Hope understand that addictions result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, please know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help.

 Reviewed By: Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC on February 6, 2016
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