Parental Support Groups for Addicted Children

Contributed by: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLCL for Addiction Hope

As a parent, there is nothing you want more in the world than to see your child healthy, happy, and thriving in life. If your child has been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel as your hopes and dreams have collapsed.

You may also find yourself dealing with a roller coaster of emotions as you learn how to cope with the many experiences substance abuse can trigger, including anger, frustration, confusion, and more. You may even feel helpless or unsure about how to help your son and daughter overcome this battle with addiction.

Through everything you might be feeling and experiencing, it is important to know that there is hope for you and your child.

Seeking Out the Help & Support You Need

As your child undergoes the necessary treatment for recovery, it is crucial for you to seek out the help and support that you will need to get through this difficult journey. As a parent, it is a natural tendency to pour out your heart, time, energy and resources to your children to ensure that you are doing everything you can to help them succeed.

In the process of doing this however, you may begin to feel burnt out, or as though you are running on empty. During this season of recovery for your child, it will be helpful for you to find your own recovery and support system to keep you afloat through every experience – good or bad.

Connecting to Other Parents & Mentors

iStock_000020290937LargeConnecting to a network of other parents and mentors can bring a breath of fresh air, hope and encouragement. When you can talk about your struggles, fears, and uncertainties openly and honestly with other trustworthy friends, you can begin to process the myriad of emotions you are experiencing.

Support groups can also be a wonderful way to receive practical tips, education, and tools for approaching your child through their addiction.

Using a Directory

Consider finding a support group through the Addiction Hope Directory, where you can get connected to individuals who can help you through this process. While support groups are one important aspect of recovery, know that there are other options for support as well, such as individual counseling, family therapy, or group psychotherapy.

Having an outlet to appropriately and positively deal with what you are feeling and experiencing can help sustain you during this difficult time and strengthen your resolve to effectively parent your child.

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