Interview with Neisha Zaffuto, Founder of Medivance Billing Service, Inc.

Interview with Neisha Zaffuto, Founder of Medivance Billing Service, Inc.

    1. What drew you to the field of addiction treatment? Why?

Early in my professional career, I was afforded an opportunity to learn and appreciate the value of treatment being done at all levels of care in behavioral health. That experience was fascinating so my passion grew over time and that’s what sparked my interest to offer a premium billing service to compliment the treatment.

    1. What keep you in this work, day after day?

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, but being able to witness first-hand the dedicated work of how my team and I come together claim by claim to ensure they are paid properly enables our facilities to serve those clients in search of sobriety. So that would make us part of that therapeutic team and that’s personally fulfilling.

    1. What is your philosophy on addiction treatment?

I personally feel that addiction is no different than any other chronic diagnosis and that every person in search of treatment should have adequate access to care.

    1. What tools would you like your participants to gain while working with you?

Just to know that I am always going to advocate for them to the end . We have to work as a team to get the ending result we desire in order for those individuals seeking care for the battle of their addiction.

    1. What do you envision the future of addiction treatment to be like?

My first hope for addiction treatment is that, the number of persons needing help for addiction is significantly reduced. Then my futuristic outlook shows that one day soon we will have a universal data house that links all treatment providers and clients to a system of care that will require quantifiable outcomes.

Finally there will be a lot of movement with regards to mergers and acquisitions taking much precedence in this fast growing industry.

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