Getting Real with My Family – Admitting I am Powerless to Addiction

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Contributed by: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC for Addiction Hope

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects about addiction is the superficial feeling of everything being controlled and manageable. For many individuals, addiction arises as a means of finding control in the midst of chaotic or disorderly circumstances.

For others, addiction provides the means to escape a reality, grief, sadness, pain, or loss. Whatever the reason, addiction evolves and progresses as a result of many complex factors, including both environmental and genetic. Just as with any other disease state, addiction results in devastating consequences that can severely impact the sufferer.

Addiction And Denial

Addictions often go hand in hand with denial. Often times, the body becomes so physically dependent on the drug of choice that many behaviors become justified in order to get a “fix”. The more an individual denies their behaviors or justifies their drug seeking habits, the further these behaviors will be reinforced.

Facing the reality of substance abuse or addiction is a painful aspect of healing. In order to truly find recovery and to break away from the powerful forces of addiction, it is crucial to admit the help you need.

Many addicts become so enmeshed with their drug-seeking behaviors that the other aspects of their lives will begin to crumble right before their eyes. Because of the powerful physiological forces that influence the need for drugs in the body of an addict, these behaviors will persist, even with the negative consequences that are unfolding.

Opening Up

Couple of young men talking on the stairs of an officeFor those on the outside, such as friends, family members, and loved ones, it can be extremely painful to observe this vicious cycle of addiction. You may feel helpless, confused, hurt, angered or frustrated that additive behaviors seem so difficult to break free from.

Finding recovery from addiction is possible and it begins with a crucial and necessary step: admitting that you are powerless to addiction. So often, addicts attempt to continue living their lives as though nothing is wrong, even though they are trapped in the throes of this disorder.

It is not possible to seek the help you need unless you can arrive at a place of sincerity and humility. Many addicts may find it difficult to get to this place because of fear, shame, guilt, or because of the uncertainty they face from sharing the truth with their family.

Get The Tools To Help

Whatever your situation might be, it is important that you realize the severity of your situation as a drug or alcohol addict. The help and resources you need to recover and move on with your life are at your very disposable.

These tools for recovery cannot be accessed unless you are at a place of acceptance and desire to overcome the powerful stronghold of addiction. Then, and only then, can you begin your journey towards freedom and healing, repairing your life and finding the hope you need to overcome any obstacle.

Coming Clean to the Family

After months of years of lies and deception, you may be uncertain as to how to begin the process of coming clean with your family. A good place to start is exactly where you are. Your family is likely devoted to you and your well-being and will want to do whatever possible to see you get well.

There is often anticipation that truth will not be readily understood or received by those we love, but it is often those closest to us that embrace our brokenness and continue to love us unconditionally, regardless of our past of history.

Taking Small Steps

Happy  young coupleStart by confiding in a family member you know you can talk to you and begin by sharing the truth about your struggles and where you are now.

Understand that you are powerless to an addiction and that change cannot begin unless you can fully embrace the reality of your addiction and the need you have for support from those people in your life who love and care about you.

Breaking through denial is a tremendous first step towards loosing the stronghold that addiction has over you. Though you may feel uncertain about what will happen as you come clean about your addiction, you will likely find that a burden has been lifted from your shoulders as you face the truth. Hope and healing are found on the heels of truth, and only by facing your reality can you be set free.

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