Finding Resources to Pay for Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

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Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

Prescription drug abuse can cause an individual to deal with a never-ending cycle of vicious and destructive behavior.  However a person has become addicted to prescription medications, this is something that requires professional intervention, as many negative consequences can develop.  The harsh reality about prescription drug abuse is that a person if often far engaged in their addictive behaviors before they realize they need help or that their habits are out of control.  An addict is usually so engrossed with getting their next fix or finding more pills that they are not fully aware of how their life has been compromised.

Professionals Might Be Necessary

Closeup on medical doctor woman writing in clipboardProfessional help is almost always necessary to break the bondage of addiction and to help intervene with many of the deadly behaviors that are associated with these diseases.  A person who is in need of treatment for addiction may encounter may obstacles in getting the help they need.  Even if the willingness to receive professional help is there, a person may find that they lack the appropriate and necessary financial resources for paying for addiction treatment.

If you have found yourself with a lack of finances for funding your treatment, it is important for you to know that there are many resources that can help you bridge this connection.  Begin by working with an addiction specialist or counselor who can help assist you through this process.  Navigating the treatment process begins by understanding your objective for care.  What level of care is most appropriate for you?  Once you know this answer, you can begin searching treatment centers appropriately.

Many treatment centers can help clients with the financial aspect, including the use of sliding scale fees and payment plans.  Some organizations also offer scholarships that can help individuals afford the treatment they need.  There is also the option of taking out a loan, consolidating assets, and refinancing a home to acquire the finances needed for treatment.  Know that your life is valuable and worth the cost of treatment in order for you to find help, hope and healing from your struggle with a prescription drug addiction.


Community Discussion – Share your thoughts here!

Finding the financial resources to pay for addiction treatment can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing so alone.  If you have been through this journey, what resources were helpful to you as you sought the treatment you needed for recovery?

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