Finding Financial Security After Prescription Drug Abuse


Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

Dealing with the consequences of prescription drug abuse can be overwhelming.  While many of the negative effects of prescription drug abuse can be reversed with professional treatment and intervention, rebuilding a life takes time, dedication, and patience.  Individuals can recover from the physical effects of prescription drug abuse, but what about other aspects in life that may have been destroyed by addiction, such as broken relationships, exploited finances, or a career that has been damaged?


Many individuals who have struggled with prescription drug abuse often are dealing with some form of financial loss.  When obtaining prescription medications becomes a priority in addiction, a person will seek out their drug of choice at any cost, often sacrificing finances and assets to do so.  A person addicted to prescription drugs may blow through a savings account, charge up credits cards, sell assets or belongings, or use every paycheck to finance their addiction.  Financing treatment for addiction can also be costly if paying out of pocket, depending on the severity of the addiction, length and type of treatment.

finding financial securityRebuilding financial security after prescription drug abuse may take time, but it is possible with careful planning and commitment to the process.  Depending on your situation, you may consider working with a financial advisor or someone you know who is trustworthy and wise with money.  Begin by assessing your total debt and determining your sources of income.  Identifying gaps in your income to debt ratio can help you understand what may be necessary to help you bridge that gap, such as obtaining additional work temporarily, downsizing, or consolidating bills and debts.

The process of rebuilding financial security may seem cumbersome and overwhelming, but it is possible with careful planning and conscienciousness with your spending.  Creating a budget for yourself will also be helpful in accumulating savings and gradually paying off debts, all which will help you secure financial security once more.  Keeping your recovery from prescription drug abuse as a priority is also essential for preventing further complications, with your finances and in your life.

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If you have recovered from prescription drug abuse, what resources may have been helpful to you in the process of rebuilding your life, finances, and assets?  What encouragement might you share with others who are in a similar position after dealing with prescription drug abuse?

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