Evidenced Based Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

Prescription drug abuse is something that develops as a result of many different factors.  Individuals who have found themselves addicted to prescription painkillers likely have many different aspects that have influenced these behaviors, including a genetic predisposition, accessibility to prescription drugs, susceptibility to mental illness, and possibly the experience of past traumatic events.  While the experience of addiction is highly individualized, there is a clear understanding that professional help and treatment is needed for intervention and recovery.

The Recovery Process

rp_families-and-emotional-regulation-300x200.jpgThe process of recovery from prescription drug abuse and addiction is one that involves multiple aspects and can take considerable amount of time, depending on the individual and severity of addiction.  Generally, treatment for prescription drug addiction incorporates many different aspects in order to address the complexities that arise, including medical treatment, nutritional rehabilitation, and psychological techniques.

The most effective approach to prescription drug addiction involves the integration of many treatments, including behavioral therapies, pharmacotherapies, medically assisted detoxification, nutritional restoration, and more.  It is also important to understand that with addiction treatment, there is no “one-size fits all” approach.  Every individual who is seeking recovery and treatment has unique needs that should be addressed and incorporated into the methods applied.  Effective treatment should also address other concerns that a person that may not be directly related to the drug abuse.  For example, many individuals struggling with prescription drug abuse also have another mental illness that requires treatment as well, such as a mood disorder, eating disorder, or personality disorder.

While addiction to prescription drug abuse is complex, it is something that can be effectively addressed and treated.  Finding recovery from an addiction to prescription drugs requires dedication to the process.  An individual must remain in treatment for an adequate period of time to allow for the effectiveness of the many therapies and treatment techniques that are integrated in the process.  Having the support, guidance, and assistance of professional specialists is an invaluable part of the process and can be the key needed for recovery, healing, and restoration.


Community Discussion – Share your thoughts here!

Have you gone through treatment for prescription drug abuse?  If so, what forms of treatment and therapy were most effective for you?  What encouragement might you share with another individual who is struggling to find the right form of care for addiction recovery?

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