Darrell Hammond Speaks On His Drug Abuse and PTSD

Stars Combine For Recovery

The 25th annual Stars in Recovery luncheon was hosted by the Recovery Resources Council this past Tuesday in Fort Worth, Texas. The Recovery Resources Council works to end substance abuse and reduce the stigma of addiction by providing guidance, services, and education to people who are struggling with dependency and their families.

The keynote speaker was Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live, but he may be better known for his satirical portrait of President Bill Clinton. He shared his story of addiction, his suffering from multiple types of mental illness, his cutting himself, and the abuse he endured as a child.

Mr. Hammond’s story was eye opening and at times difficult to hear. It is amazing he is still alive after all the pain and trauma he has gone through.

Darrell Hammond’s Story

He is well known for his portrayals of political figures such as President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Vice President Dick Cheney, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, Reverend Jesse Jackson, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera.

He was a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” for a record setting 14 seasons, and he has made millions of people laugh. However, there was a deep darkness to his life.

His roller coaster of a life led him to meet with four presidents, make millions of dollars, land in jail in the Bahamas, smoke crack in a crack house, and spend an extended amount of time in a psych ward.

A Need For Change

It was during his time in the Bahamas jail that he realized that this was the bottom, and he needed to get help. Mr. Hammond committed himself to healing and asking for help.

He abused drugs and alcohol, he cut himself, he was abused as a child, and he had severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). All of the drugs, alcohol, cutting, and psychiatric issues were a result of the severe torture and abuse he went through at the hands of his mother. Nevertheless, he found the courage and strength to ask for help.

Hopeful Living

Mr. Hammond is sober now and an advocate for sobriety. He knows that healing is available and life can be lived without the crutch of drugs and alcohol. He is a testament to overcoming some of life’s worst and most evil challenges. As Mr. Hammond often said, he did not do anything miraculous; he just asked for help and there were people around that assisted.

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