Choosing a Sponsor and Being Accountable

Contributed by: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, at Addiction Hope

Recovering from addiction will lead through many highs and lows as you learn to navigate through this journey. Having someone in your life who can help guide you through this process is a Sponsor. A Sponsor for addiction recovery is someone who is also a recovering addict and who has been able to maintain sobriety from drugs or alcohol.

While a Sponsor is not intended to be certified counselor or professional yet can offer invaluable support from their own experiences. Learning from someone who has walked through the journey of addiction recovery firsthand can be invaluable, offering the much needed support, encouragement, and help you need to continue on.

Where to Start When Looking for a Sponsor

If you are a recovering addict interested in working with a Sponsor, how do you know where to start or who to find? Good places to establish relationships with potential sponsors are support groups. Within a support group, you will find a variety of people who come from many walks of life and who can likely relate to what you are currently experiencing in your own journey.

Finding a sponsor through a local support group is also a great way to connect to an individual who lives within your vicinity, which may make it easier to maintain a relationship.

What Type of Sponsor Should You Have?

Woman Attending Painting ClassWhen searching for a sponsor, aim to connect with someone who has been able to sustain and uphold his or her sobriety and recovery consistently. It may not be in your best interest to meet with someone who is still actively struggling with an addiction or who may still be engaging in destructive behaviors.

Listening in to group conversations may help you identify someone that you can possibly relate with. If you are unsure whom you can possibly connect with, ask your support group leader if they have any suggestions. Many support group leaders can point you in the right direction in terms of finding a sponsor.

An Important Part of Your Recovery Journey

Overall, finding a sponsor can be an important part of your addiction recovery journey. Having someone to whom you can remain accountable to can help you persevere through the trying and difficult parts of addiction recovery.

We all need hope, support, and encouragement, and the right sponsor in your life can be a gift as you strive towards freedom from a drug or alcohol addiction. If you have felt alone in your journey, consider connecting with a sponsor who can help empower you in your recovery.

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