Addiction Recovery and Moving Away from Toxic Relationships

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Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol involves the rebuilding of one’s life. Past patterns, habits, and behaviors that may have been associated with the addiction often need to be assessed to understand how to move forward successfully in recovery.

This often includes relationships, as the people we interact with on a daily basis have a direct influence on our lives and how we view ourselves.

Consider Who Will Be Supportive

If you or a loved one is in recovery from addiction, it is important to consider all the relationships in your life and analyze which individuals will be supportive of the journey that you are embarking on. If you continue to associate with individuals who are negative, whose behaviors may be triggering to your recovery, or who are derogatory towards you, you may need to consider breaking away from these relationships.

While letting go of friendships that you have maintained for any amount of time may be difficult, you need to consider your life and make decisions that will support your wellness and recovery.

Stand Up for Yourself

Finding the strength to stand up for yourself in the face of a toxic or negative person can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are feeling vulnerable in your own addiction recovery. Recruit the help and support of people in your life who sincerely care about you and want to see you succeed in your recovery journey.

walk-318770_640If you are finding some relationships to difficult or overwhelming to deal with or manage, know that there is professional assistance available as well. If you think it might be helpful, involve a specialist, such as a counselor or therapist, who can help guide you through the process of assessing your current relationships.

Letting Go of Roadblocks

Your life is invaluable and worthy of recovery and restoration. Letting go of roadblocks that may be preventing your recovery from addiction is an essential component to the healing journey.

While you may have to let go of toxic relationships, there is the potential for rebuilding a life within a community of individuals who truly want to see you find hope and healing.

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What has helped you assess which relationships are conducive to your journey in recovery? How were you able to let go of toxic relationships in your own life?

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