Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

The Exclusive Hawaii FrontExclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private holistic drug rehab and alcohol treatment center located on The Big Island of Hawaii. Our center is an alternative to traditional rehab, offering a residential addiction recovery program at the forefront of integrative and holistic solutions for substance abuse, alcohol, eating disorders and mental health.‎

We deliver a state-of-the-art non-12-step program specializing in deep trauma release work and a proprietary program restructuring core beliefs through narrative and mindfulness therapy.

Our holistic and fully integrated treatment approach is very effective at addressing co-occurring disorders within the same setting, creating better outcomes and lowering relapse rates.

We’ve created a cohesive and comprehensive path to recovery that focuses on the root causes that are driving self-destructive behavior. Our methods help clients to achieve a life of enriched clarity and joyful sobriety.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a Luxury Rehab Center. We focus on asking questions rather than giving advice. We empower our clients to restructure the hidden beliefs that are holding them back. We open the door for our clients to connect with their true selves and discover their passions and a new life purpose.

We teach our clients how being authentic, vulnerable and connected will naturally take the place of addictive behaviors. We share our philosophy of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance and love of SELF and others.

The KitchenAt Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we are committed to creating a cocoon of safety and warmth that allows clients to immerse themselves fully into the program. We realize that when clients are facing their shadows and past, it may be the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

We are a small, private, eight-bed facility with luxury accommodations and exceptional amenities. We provide balanced treatment with one of the most customized programs in the country in a safe, nurturing environment.


Exclusive Hawaii Rehab treatment program combines cognitive learning of addiction and behavior with experiential learning for overcoming addictive patterns. The experience of learning how to navigate discomfort when clients are triggered is what determines the success of our approach. We focus on guiding clients to their true calling in life by teaching them to live from awareness rather than performing for the acceptance of others.

We recognize that most people are motivated by fear and shame to stop their addiction. In our program, we show clients that they are really addicted to shame, and that alcohol, drugs, overeating or not-eating are just symptoms of the real addiction which is shame.

The BathroomWe cultivate self-acceptance and self-love for our clients as the foundation of their recovery from shame and fear. In our treatment approach, we do not seek change; we seek self-acceptance because self-acceptance will bring about a natural transformation.

Once clients stop operating out of shame and move to vulnerability, a place where they can feel their emotions and successfully track them back to a core belief, they can consciously choose a different story or belief and start experiencing their true selves.


At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, we believe in treating the whole person and not just the addiction. Our holistic treatment is a comprehensive combination of methods that addresses the body, mind and spirit.

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, safety comes first. Our detailed admission process ensures our doctors have all the information they need to custom design an individualized, safe and effective holistic detox protocol.

The Exclusive Hawaii BedroomWe help expose core beliefs that drive addiction and struggles. We transform these beliefs with Mindful Inquiry and Experiential Engagement Therapy and by teaching clients to adapt to a state of Emotional acceptance and balance. We teach the joy of living authentically from a place of awareness in contrast to performing and gaining self-worth by being approved of by others.

For fear and stress reduction, we incorporate EMDR to enable clients to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress caused by traumatic life experiences.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Holistic Treatment Participants report that they experience great relief from physical and psychological pain. They become relaxed, sleep better, notice improved memory, as well as an increasing sense of presence, self-awareness and self-control.

Clients experience enhanced mental clarity that supports the process of learning the skills of recovery. Old cravings fall away, and in their place, the person develops a vigorous attitude for engaging with life.

We Believe to Conquer Addiction and greater health, it is Essential to:

  • Treat the whole person rather than a singular symptom
  • Address chemical imbalances created by alcohol, drugs and eating disorders
  • Release previous trauma and unresolved pain
  • Restructure the hidden beliefs that otherwise hold clients back
  • Combine experiential learning with cognitive learning

The Exclusive Hawaii ShowerOur Exceptional Services & Amenities Include:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Whole, organic & delicious meals
  • Customized Bodywork with Medically Assisted Detox and concierge infusions, massage and acupuncture protocol
  • Nutritional counseling with our registered dietician
  • Yoga, exercise & fitness
  • Health & body awareness training
  • Hawaiian nature therapy excursions


Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Service Offerings:
Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, Medically Assisted Detox, In-Patient, Outpatient

Patient Types Served:
Male and Female
*Exceptionally LGBT Friendly

CBT, DBT, EMDR, Holistic, Narrative, Mindfulness, Nature Immersion

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