Cascade Behavioral Health

Located near Seattle, Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is the Pacific Northwest’s premier substance use disorder treatment center for adults of all genders age 18 and older. We provide inpatient treatment and outpatient programming for adults who are suffering from addiction or various mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Our detoxification services help adults safely go through drug or alcohol withdrawal so that they can fully engage in therapeutic programming. Patients also benefit from our holistic approach, with treatment tailored to each patient’s unique life experiences, medical history, symptoms, and recovery goals.

Cascade Behavioral Health Offerings:

Cascade Behavioral Health BuildingCare Level:
Detox, Inpatient, IOP

Patients Served:
Adults / Seniors
Males and Females

Activity Therapy, BMT (Behavior Modification Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

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