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Overcoming an addiction is exceptionally difficult. There is no one way to attack the problem and there is no single way to attain sobriety. There are many issues and circumstances that play a role in developing a drug or alcohol dependency.

Many of those struggling with addiction often suffer from traumas, emotional troubles, and/or mental health concerns, and these diverse problems all need to be addressed. No one can do it alone.

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Addiction Hope is here to help those suffering from addiction find the resources that they need to end their reliance on drugs and alcohol. The person tormented by addiction needs to understand that loved ones will play a significant part in the recovery process and cannot be undervalued.

When recovery and healing become difficult, they can provide the inspiration to continue. In addition to friends and family, a licensed therapist will also be needed as they will develop a tailored rehab plan and frequently provide the personal guidance and support that can help overcome an addiction.

The counselor will also help find and provide the additional resources needed for recovery such as a treatment center. The decision in choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment program is crucial as it can provide the support required in dealing with any physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, as well as addressing any additional co-occurring addictions or disorders that may exist.

Addiction Hope also provides many different resources to help begin healing and to help maintain recovery. Below are links to Addiction Hope’s Sponsors, Featured Treatment Centers, Honorary Patrons, Calendar of Events, and Special Programs

Get Help Now

If substance and alcohol abuse is killing you or your loved one, please find help now. There are people available who want to assist you, your friends and family in recovering from an addiction.

Do not wait another moment because time is of the essence. A sober and clean life is available and you deserve it. Reach out now for help and healing.

Featured Treatment Centers

Listed on this page are Featured Treatment Centers that specialize in helping those struggling with substance and alcohol abuse. Each rehabilitation facility has been carefully reviewed by Addiction Hope, and is recognized as experts in providing treatment for addictions.


Calendar of Events

Find addiction treatment conferences, presentations, university functions, and more on our constantly updated calendar of events for the year.

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Special Programs

Find Featured and Specialized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers here. Addictions are incredibly complex diseases that can have harsh physical and emotional consequences if not dealt with.

For this reason, it is imperative that men and women dealing with substance and alcohol abuse seek professional help.


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