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How to Support a Child Struggling with Addiction to Self-Injury

Family on the beach Contributed by Staff of Timberline Knolls Children are the epitome of innocence and purity. But, what about a child struggling with self-injury? How could someone so delicate and good willingly inflict pain on itself? Self-harm involves inflicting physical pain on one’s body. Most often this is done by cutting, burning, or biting. Whether a child [...]
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How DBT Can Be Helpful for Self-Harm Addiction

Woman leaving cancer treatment Suicide is the 3rd largest leading cause of teen death in the United States, followed by accidental injury and homicide [5]. Individuals who injure themselves, without the intent of committing suicide are referred to as self-harm patients [3,1]. Self harm is typically defined as behavior where a person cuts self, engages in skin picking or [...]
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