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<img class=”wp-image-56487 size-medium alignleft” src=”×202.jpg” alt=”Woman in Treatment For Marijuana Addiction” width=”300″ height=”202″ />Marijuana (a.k.a. pot, weed and grass) is a widespread drug that is regularly viewed by users to be innocuous and harmless. Notwithstanding, pot abuse can lead to marijuana addiction.

It is commonly considered to be a gateway drug that leads to the use and misuse of other, more dangerous and potent drugs. Pot is a psychoactive drug made with dehydrated leaves and other parts of the Cannabis plant.

When the leaves of the Cannabis plant are dried and processed, it is then tightly packed into a cigarette (joint), a pipe, a hookah, bong or a vaporizer and inhaled. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug out of all the illegal drugs.

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Pot does have some medicinal uses. It is used to ease nausea and help increase hunger in chemotherapy patients. It is also used to help reduce the pressure in the eye due to glaucoma.

Marijuana is more commonly known as pot, grass, or weed. It is also sometimes called Mary Jane, Ganja or 420. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that has the properties of a depressant, stimulant and a hallucinogen, and it is also regarded as a hallucinatory drug as well.

Abusing pot long term can create an addiction. Unfortunately, weed is regarded as a harmless recreational drug, but the abuser will eventually become addicted after long term use.

The addiction will result in the compulsive need to smoke marijuana to get high, and it will hinder the user’s normal behaviors. People may first begin to smoke weed due to peer pressure or curiosity, or a person can start smoking cannabis in order to self-medicate a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety.

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Why Cannabis Use Disorder is Real and Important to Understand

Boy outside Cannabis use disorder is the most common drug abuse in the US [1]. There is a common misconception that marijuana is not addictive. However, addiction is about more than a substance’s biological effect [2]. This means that something can become addictive, even if biologically, someone is not dependent on it [2]. Addiction is a complex [...]
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Complications of Cannabis and Pregnancy

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Possible Reduction in Teens’ Marijuana Usage

With the increased legalization of recreational marijuana, many people have worried that this will lead to more adolescents smoking pot [1]. Research shows that teens are more likely to use marijuana than tobacco [2]. The belief that marijuana can’t be harmful because it’s natural and not addictive is a common justification that teens use to [...]
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2020 Annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health – NSDUH Review

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